🏝️Live In A Five Star Resort🏝️

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The game that started the trend of online daters.
Genre: All
Platforms: PC, Mac
Created: 12/16/2008
Creator: BriteRover

🏝️Live In A Five Star Resort🏝️ is a game made by SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX and was made on 12/16/2008. This game used to be one of Roblox's most hated games at the time.

Why It's Garbage

  1. It's a major rip-off to an earlier game named "Original Five Star Resort!" since it shares a similar look and it's models.
  2. This game used to attract online daters back in the day. Making this game feels like an online dater only game. Which makes this game started the trend of online daters.
  3. The elevator BARELY WORKS. Mainly because it's old and it can only run from the first floor until the second floor. While the elevator is meant to go up until the third floor! Which makes the game glitchy.
  4. This game has a lot of free models here and there. Which makes the developer kind of lazy at the time.
  5. There's barely anything to play in this game if you're the only one playing since you just look at the models, structure and rooms from this place and explore but that's just it.
  6. Due to the reasons listed above, it makes this game one of the most hated Roblox games during its time.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game is still updated at times. Most likely in a month or so.
  2. The developer of the game improved his skills since he made new and better-coded games such as Dawn of Aurora.
  3. The music of this game is very relaxing.




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Error: The Created, It says Created: 10/11/2018, when it was supposed to say Created: 10/11/2008


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I like how some pages give us the links so we can laugh at them

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That is just Ugh


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it's made by sonicthehedgehogxxx, not briterover

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