Airplane 4: One Last Flight

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Airplane 4: One Last Flight
Woohoo! One Last Fli- where's the flight?
Genre: All Genres (Even though it's a story game)
Platforms: PC
Created: 9/14/2020
Creator: Ponchokings

Airplane 4: One Last Flight is a Roblox Story Game created by the popular Roblox Story Game Creator Ponchokings on September 14th of 2020, and is the last game of the Airplane Series.


The players are the kids of Doug, their dad. Doug takes everyone to the airport only to be caught with weapons and for everyone to be taken into a room because of flying over a restricted area earlier. Luckily, since they didn't go on the plane, they didn't get killed by the explosion caused by Skeletox, the main antagonist of the game. The players now have to face whatever Skeletox puts them through.

Why It's a Bad Flight

  1. One of the main bad qualities about the game is that the title misleads you. The game is called "One Last Flight" even though you don't even get on an actual plane.
  2. The game's genre is "All Genres" even though it is a story game and should be included in the Horror Genre or the Adventure Genre.
  3. The lobby features the players going into an airport, but once the players teleport into a server, everyone is in Doug's house, even though the lobby featured going into an airport.
  4. Doug says that whoever doesn't pack their bags for the trip isn't coming, although everyone is just a kid.
  5. There is dramatic action music for packing up bags, even though it's just a normal task.
  6. When Doug is making burgers, one of them is obviously rotten. The normal thing to do is throw it away and make a new one, but instead Doug gives one of the players the rotten burger.
  7. There are a bunch of tiny airplanes in the garage in front of the house, which doesn't make any sense.
  8. There are also literally airplane stickers on the walls of Doug's house, which also doesn't make any sense.
  9. Doug makes everyone fly the plane, even though they don't even know how to, and if some players die, he doesn't seem to care.
  10. Getting a plane ticket, dropping off your baggage, going through airport security, and getting to the plane does NOT take 5 MINUTES. It mostly takes 1-2 hours for someone to get through an airport.
  11. If Doug knew that he shouldn't bring weapons to an airport, why did he bring weapons?
  12. There are some spelling and grammar errors in the game, such as "these weapons" being spelled "this weapons" or "congratulate this brave heroes" instead of "congratulate these brave heroes". Also, "congratulate" and "this" are both connected, making it say, "congratulatethis"
  13. One of the player's exclaim that the cops are back, and that they can help, although the cops are clearly infected and are now monsters.
  14. Some of the secrets are in spots that aren't really hidden, with one of these being Secret 4.
  15. General Poncho doesn't let Ronald in the mission, even though everyone is against Skeletox.
  16. General Poncho exclaims that he thought Pilot Keilly was dead, even though she didn't die in Airplane 2.
  17. A giant plot hole in the game is when Skeletox says that he used Ronald as a monster in Airplane 1 and 2 to harvest souls because he couldn't do it himself, even though Skeletox is way more powerful than Ronald, even having enough power to turn him into a monster.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game at least has better graphics then some of the previous games.
  2. The game also has some replay value since the player can play the game again to find the secrets scattered around the story.
  3. The Skeletox fight is easily the best boss fight in the entire Airplane series, having attacks like making deadly spheres drop in the arena, using his arms to attack the players, and smashing his body into the players.
  4. The game at least has a good story, where it is revealed that an evil entity caused the events of the first 3 games.


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