Build to Survive the Monsters

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"Oof..." —Dead Robloxian
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Build to the Survive the Monsters is a trend of roblox games started by an unknown user. The goal of these games is to build a base to protect yourself from whatever monsters spawn.

Why They Can't Survive the Monsters

  1. They are all incredibly easy. You can just build a 6 block tall tower and BOOM! you are invincible and you win. The monsters are all completely the same, other than appearances.
  2. The monsters are also random characters or youtubers, for example Boss Baby, SpongeBob, Hulk, Freddy Fazbear, Vampire Denis, Evil DanTDM and Cuphead. Not only that this doesn't make sense, but it also proves how lazy those developers are.
  3. The monsters are also free modeled aside from Vampire Denis which is just a lazy reskin.
  4. Some of these are used for clickbait games.
  5. Some thumbnails are misleading. They may show a character like The Annoying Orange looking at a scared Robloxian but the character is not present in game.
  6. The games also have large annoying GUIs that take up a quarter of the screen, telling you to like and favorite for a certain reason (the most common one is if you like Jesus), or "Subscribe to [YouTube Channel name] for free VIP". of course, they don't work.
  7. These games also have useless gamepasses that steal green stuff out of your pocket.
  8. Weapons that can be bought with points from surviving monsters are easily used by trolls to spawn camp players who are trying to survive or build high quality buildings.
  9. Some thumbnails are disturbing. Some can show a Robloxian being decapitated and show their blood splatted on the ground.
  10. These games play very boring generic and repetitive Dubstep music.
  11. You cannot save on most of these.
  12. These games keep having the "New!" cliché.
  13. A few might even say that they got dislike bombed by a bot, when Roblox has no dislike bots, and the dislikes are actual people.
  14. The wait time for the "monsters" to come might be as long as 2 minutes.
  15. Speaking of free models, some games have free models made by someone else and not the developers. Also, some of the free models can be terribly implemented in the game to the point they would even sink into the ground every less than 5 seconds.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. New and younger Robloxians may get some entertainment out of these games.
  2. There are also some good games, such as the original Build to Survive with the "Telamon's Sword" music.
  3. Some are more challenging. In some of them, some players become the enemies themselves and they can destroy the other player's building where they're trying to survive, allowing them to get them and then search for other players to make sure no one wins.


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