Can You Survive Star Power Mario in Area 51

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Can You Survive Star Power Mario in Area 51
Nonsensical Mario game... check!
Genre: Horror
Platforms: All
Creator: Reptillian Brother Hood

Can You Survive Star Power Mario in Area 51 was a ROBLOX "Horror" game based on the famous Super Mario franchise.

Why It Doesn't Survive

  1. There's a Mario that's supposedly corrupted and evil with blood on it, which is nothing more than a poor attempt at being scary.
  2. The killer Marios are way too fast, and are extremely hard to escape. Except for a weird one who has some black stuff on him.
  3. The game constantly spams random Mario quotes whenever idle or attacking you, and it can get very annoying.
    • Not to mention, the Marios’ voices in this game are extremely loud and are downright ear-bleeding.
    • The voice clips the Marios use are also ripped from Mario Teaches Typing.
  4. The game's map is stolen from Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51!!!.
  5. Some characters in certain versions of the game claim to have seen Slenderman, which is false considering Slenderman doesn't appear in the game at all, and also evidence that the game ripped off SAKTKIA51 (or at least earlier versions of the game) as Slenderman does appear in that game.
  6. In the version reviewed by Xenowolf, the floor surrounding the computer and objects you are able to talk to is not solid, and it is very easy to fall through and die if your are not careful.
  7. The game is free-modeled, as the Marios' models are fairly common, and the map is extremely common.
  8. The title is slightly misleading, as it says there is only one Mario when in reality there are many Marios and also Luigi.


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