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Cartrides are a very popular genre on roblox that involves a player or two riding a cart usually into a character.

Why They Are Garbage

  1. They are almost the exact same from each other, just Featuring different character and Slightly different layout.
  2. They usually have very basic titles like, Cart Ride into a Shark", "Cart Ride into a Toilet", "Cart Ride into Heaven", Etc.
  3. They are very Boring as you do nothing more than watch your cart move.
  4. Because they usually take no effort at all, there are a lot of them.
  5. At the end of each usually have op stuff like giving you admin.
    • Some players who get admin usually tend to abuse it, a good example being FNAF Cart Ride to Admin!!!.
  6. Most use the same cart design which shows laziness.
  7. They usually feature copyrighted characters like Spongebob and Baldi.
  8. They are filled with micro transactions.
  9. Since they are usually Uncopylocked, Trolls can steal them and claim them as their own.
  10. They can be considered Clickbait since They usually have misleading thumbnails.
  11. Most of these don’t work anymore since roblox Physics have changed.

Redeeming Quality’s

  1. They used to be fun back in the early years of roblox.
  2. There are some good games in this genre but they are overshadowed by the bad ones.
  3. Some do use their own cart design.


  • This genre has been around since 2008 when the first one (Cart ride into Santa) was released.