Children Falling Inc.

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Children Falling Inc.
Wrong, Children Falling Inc! You are going to fall!

Children Falling Inc. is a Roblox group led by Roblox_Master. The group was critized for having too many glitches and unoriginal graphics in their games.

Why Children Aren't Going To Fall

  1. The main issue with the company itself is that they are being infamous for having too many cringe-worthy graphics in their games.
  2. Overusing the word "xerbss", making Roblox players feel uncomfortable.
  3. Their games include free VIP if you join the group, and even make the members work 100 hours a month, which is only 4 days without getting any sleep! Roblox users need to have some sleep in order to be a member.
  4. Their games are way too easy to beat and are completely unoriginal, such as "Climb Stairs For Admin" and "+1 Height Run"
  5. They felt like they were a cash grab by Roblox_Master.
  6. Their laughable name, which is literally a child falling to their death.
  7. In "Every Second You Get Older", the game obnoxiously has the camera clipping through various scenes and parts everywhere.
  8. Sometimes, they make their members spend 20 days to get robux, which makes the Roblox players feel sad.
  9. Lackluster DLC: In "Every Second You Get Older", they feature trophies for free and often give you free robux, which can be a scam as you need parents to give you robux, and when a player gets a rebirth, they give you even more age limits to rebirth again.
  10. Their games are just knockoffs/rip-offs of other well-known Roblox games.
  11. Overall, this is not a good company to make games in Roblox.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They do have one good game, "Build A Base to Survive"
  2. They do have a nice logo, which is a rainbow dude soaring through the sky.
  3. "Every Second You Get Older" is also a good game, too, despite its flaws.