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Such a shame, a once good The Pals member that went into cringe.
Gender: Male
Type: Former good Pals member
Date Joined: March 12, 2016
Status: Retired

Braden Reed Welsh (born: 1998) better known online as Corl (or CorlHorl), was a YouTuber known for his Minecraft and Roblox content. He'lting a fan and never apologizing in February 2019. His social media has stayed inactive ever since.

Why He Sucks Now

  1. He once trashed a fan on Twitter who spend 100 dollars to cheer The Pals and he almost made the fan commit suicide.
  2. Right after Denis announced that Corl was kicked from The Pals, Corl went far by literally making hate Twitter posts on the Pals all because he was kicked.
    • He even went far by making a post of him saying he'll die all because he's kicked from the Pals proving he's crazy and he faked his death a.k.a suicide.
  3. He's a liar, on his last video called "Sending 1000000 TEXTS! -Texting Simulator - Roblox, he said he'll make another video tommorrow (which during that time is the day after the video was published) but then he didn't upload for 2 years proving he's a liar.
  4. Once, he went far by literally making an image where he holds an actual shotgun with a scared face proving he's crazy.
  5. Corl in real life is a terrible person. He's rude and mean to the people in his real life.
  6. Even before the time he disrespected the fan on Twitter, he still does a number of bad stuff like some of his videos like "Insect Food vs. Real Food *EATING TARANTULAS, BEETLES, WORMS* (GROSS)" video.
  7. Some of the thumbnails on his live-streams are nasty like the thumbnail on his video "CORL LIVE - ROBLOX #8 A FASHION SHOW DISASTER!"
  8. He claims that tiffstuff should leave the Pals fandom since their content is "only for 6-12 year olds" which is false since anyone can enjoy their content.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He used to be good back when he didn't disrespect the fan on Twitter aside form WHS#6.
  2. His intro theme song "Midnight Radio" is still catchy.


  • Ever since he was kicked from the Pals, "The Pals" YouTube channel has been abandoned according to Denis.





3 months ago
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"Cringe :/"

in this case, your actions are the cringy ones, corl.

Anonymous user #1

3 months ago
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corl used to be my fav roblox youtuber but i dont watch him anymore

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3 months ago
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this page is good

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