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You know, this guy used to be a better person back before he was the literal cause of a fan's near death. We kid you not!
Gender: Male
Type: The Dark Side Of Corl
Date Joined: March 12, 2016
Status: Retired

Braden Reed Welsh (born: 1998) better known online as Corl (or CorlHorl), was a YouTuber known for his Minecraft and Roblox content. He harassed a fan and never apologized in February 2019, and his social media has stayed inactive ever since.

Why He Sucked In His Later Years

  1. FIRST and FOREMOST, to get the bullet out of the shotgun, Corl is his ABSOLUTE worst here, as he straight-up disrespected tiffstuff (who is the fan Corl bullied) on Twitter after she spent 100 dollars to cheer on The Pals for no apparent reason much to the extent where he almost made her commit suicide.
    • There is absolutely no reason for Corl to be disrespecting Tifanny anyways, since he accused her for making The Pals bad even though The Pals was doing just fine.
  2. Right after Denis announced that Corl was kicked from The Pals, Corl started to throw a huge fit by literally making tons of hate Twitter posts towards The Pals. He even tried to fake his own death by making it seem like he committed suicide over being removed from The Pals, showing that he can't accept criticism and his wrongdoings.
    • To make matters worse, one of his posts had an image of him holding an actual shotgun with a scared face. This photo was so wildly controversial that it immediately caused a major downfall in The Pals.
  3. In real life, he is rude to his fans and everyone else around him. He doesn't even show any mercy to the fan in whom he trashed on his social media account.
    • He is also rude to his friends, especially Denis.
  4. Even before the time he disrespected the fan on Twitter, he was still inappropriate with his fans, such as making videos like "Insect Food vs. Real Food *EATING TARANTULAS, BEETLES, WORMS* (GROSS)", despite his channel being aimed towards a younger audience.
  5. Some of the thumbnails on his live streams are weird, such as the thumbnail on his video, "CORL LIVE - ROBLOX #8 A FASHION SHOW DISASTER!".
  6. Hypocrisy: he admits that tiffstuff should leave the Pals fandom since their content is "only for 6-12-year-olds" which is false since anyone can enjoy their content. This shows that not only is he hypocritical and sexist (and not in a good way), but he is also stubborn since he bascially knows that his channel is aimed at children.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He used to be good back when he didn't disrespect the fan on Twitter aside form WHS#6.
  2. His intro theme song "Midnight Radio" is still catchy.


  • Ever since he was kicked from the Pals, "The Pals" YouTube channel has been abandoned according to Denis.
  • Recently, all of the Pals channels were hacked with Elon Musk scams, including Corl's. When YouTube found out, Corl's channel was terminated, as he did not try to recover it.



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