Death of Erik Cassel

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Death of Erik Cassel
You did great at making us happy, Erik Cassel....
Gender: Male
Type: Co-founder, Administrator, Former VP of Engineering, Builder, Scripter.
Date Joined: February 27th of 2006
Status: Deceased

Erik Cassel's Roblox Avatar

Erik Cassel (December 16, 1967 – February 11, 2013), known on the platform as erik.cassel, was a co-founder, administrator and former VP of Engineering on Roblox. He was fairly active on the website but rarely played any games. Erik passed away due to cancer on February 11, 2013, almost 9 years after the creation of his Roblox account.


On February 11, 2013, the Roblox staff stated on the Roblox Twitter account that Erik Cassel had "lost his fight with cancer" earlier in the day at age of 45. Keith confirmed it in the late hours in a forum post. A blog post was then created later in the day.

Unknown Activity

In May 2014, erik.cassel was online, shocking many users. Some said that he was hacked by an unknown user, and others said his younger brother or his sons were using his account. It is possibly that his younger brother or his sons used Erik's account.


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