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The Roblox version of BAM! Entertainment

Doge Studios is a group made by Doge_StudiosHolder (homie_doge1) that is infamous for its Survival The Killer Games.

Examples of Their Games

  • Survive Cartoon Cat and Siren Head OMG
  • Paw Patrol Roleplay!
  • The Scariest Elevator
  • Survival THE LOUD HOUSE
  • Escape Ryan's World Obby
  • Survive Friday Night Funk'
  • Survive BABY SHARK!
  • Survive Pac-Man
  • Survival Grizzy and the Lemmings
  • Survival the Gummy Bear
  • Survival the POOH BEAR
  • Survive Dora the Explorer the KILLER!
  • Survival The Pingu The Killer
  • Survival PowerPuff Girls the killer
  • Survive Ratatouille
  • Mike's Horror Mansion
  • Brookhaven - Sonic The Hedgehog Edition (deleted)
  • Survival the Squid game the killer
  • Cart ride into POP IT

Why They and Their Games Suck

  1. The group is nothing but shovelware games with the same exact content. like RPGs, Obbies, clones of either Haunted Mansion or The Horror Elevator, Area 51s, Cartrides, and SCPs.
  2. The descriptions on most of their games are sometimes spam or something that didn't exist at all.
    • One example is that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has ended since 1990, despite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse existed as a unaired pilot 15 years later in 2005, while the show came out a year after.
      • The show ended 10 years after it's last episode in 2016, alongside Jake and the Never Land Pirates in the same day.
      • The description is also taking elements from Five Nights at Freddy's starting with its first game.
        • Also, SpongeBob SquarePants didn't exist in the same year, but came out 9 years after this. Even they are places such as the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob's House, making the game a ripoff to Sponge. (which was also bad enough).
    • Survival the OCTONAUTS!'s description sounds like if it was a Trollpasta, and somehow rips off elements that are on Pico vs. Bear. But Big Brown Bary is replaced with Captain Barnacales and copies him due to killing other characters that are also bears or from the ocean.
    • Survival ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS!'s description is very disrespectful towards fans of the band.
  3. The killers are very annoying and repetitive at times as some are still images or T-posing 3D models.
    • The running animation for them looks like their shaking instead of running, and the knife floats for no reason.
  4. The horror mansions feel like a generic horror obby rather than a survival game.

The Only 2 Redeeming Qualities

  1. Survive Cartoon Cat and Siren Head OMG and The Scariest Elevator is one of the good games from them, and got really popular.
  2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Roleplay has well done screenshots, despite some of them feeling clickbait-ish.
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