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Entry Point clones are a type of rip-offs of a popular FPS-game Entry Point, they would have same mechanics, assets, plot, gameplay, etc as what the latter game has, while some are altered or original.

Why They Don't Make A Good Entry

  1. To point it out the three games are what started it all by none other than Mishambo himself.
  2. Mostly all if not uses the same mechanics, gameplay, assets, etc in them. Some of them will have disguises, hostage taking, etc, while some don't.
  3. Some of them are unrealistic or their story makes no sense.
  4. Some of them don't include stealth or loud as a option.
  5. Speaking about that, if you kill a npc it doesn't ruin their disguise.
  6. Sometimes there are no weapons and you are defenseless.
  7. Few of them are continuations like Entry Point: The rise of Justice.
  8. Sometimes you can't take hostages or knock out npcs. Plus when they are alerted it results to a game over, in fact a radio doesn't show up.
  9. False advertising/Misleading titles
  10. It's also noted, they'll go on forever.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of them are original.
  2. They can have a story.
  3. Not all are bad, some are average or good, even realistic.

Known Entry Point clones


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