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Gender: Male
Type: Builder
Date Joined: March 2013
Status: inactive

EpicCritcal was a Roblox developer mostly known for creating the class-fighting game, Critical Strike.

Why He's not Critical

  1. He was a pedophile. In March of 2020, he was called out by Wind of Miss.
  2. He pretended to be seventeen years old to try to make himself not look as bad as he already looked once he was exposed. He did this so that people would believe that he wasn't a pedophile, even though a screenshot of him talking about how he was eighteen years old was already leaked by then.
  3. He overall cares about his own reputation and shows no care for others.
  4. When he had made his apology, he had stated that he can't control his urges, but this was mostly crocodile tears so people can stop hating him and save his reputation.
  5. Despite being exposed, he wasn't terminated and instead went to hiding.
  6. Even after the drama, his actions has forever stained the Critical game's reputation.

"Redeeming" Qualities

Note: These redeeming qualities do not excuse his actions that he had performed.

  1. Some of his games were pretty decent.
  2. When he was exposed, he was only active on Roblox to update and finish Critical Strike, until he eventually left Roblox entirely.


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