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Warning: This article may contain content that is disturbing or distressing to some individuals.

One of the most crudest Roblox users in Roblox history.
Gender: Male
Type: Former President of Tsunami Sushi
Criticism refuser
Date Joined: August 14th of 2011
Status: Terminated

Euphoros was a former president of Tsunami Sushi. He was known for being the former President of Tsunami Sushi until he was eventually fired.

Why He Sucked

  1. As stated above, he was a pedophile.
  2. He caused Tsunami Sushi to have a bad reputation once word got out about his predatory actions.
    • In fact, it was so bad that many people including SHRs left the group.
    • What's even worse is that many younger and newer players believed that Tsunami Sushi was porn.
  3. He has a grudge against greenlegocats123 (also known as CowCow) since that CowCow exposed him, which also proves that he's unable to handle criticism.
  4. Even when he got demoted to the lowest rank in the group, he still continued his predatory acts, which shows more proof that he cannot handle criticism.
  5. He would even try to threaten some of the girls if they refused to please him.
  6. Even after his termination, his actions stained Tsunami Sushi's reputation, while the new president of Tsunami Sushi tried their best to restore Tsunami Sushi’s reputation and exonerate the group, but unfortunately failed, causing Tsunami Sushi to never recover from what he did. To add insult to injury, some of the victims that he raped didn't recover from what they went through. It's highly believed he still continued his predatory acts after his termination, staining its reputation even more.


  • On September 9th of 2017, Euphoros was terminated (supposedly) for the actions that he had performed.
  • It's highly believed that he is still grooming even after his termination.

Videos about his Pedophilia


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