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"i'd rather not use disabilities as a put-down" -One of his most infamous quotes.
Gender: Male
Type: Builder
Criticism refuser
Date Joined: May 4th of 2008
Status: Terminated

Explode1 (also known as Jacob Daniels-Fletchner in real life, or just Jake) was a Roblox developer and the founder and former owner of the Adventure Forward series and the Paper Roblox series. He was also the owner of Cutout Studios, which is now defunct and permanently closed down. He also dated a person called Kai as well, until they eventually broke up.

Why He Exploded Into a Termination

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Note 2: This article's main purpose is to show other people across the internet as to why Explode1 was terminated, and this article is not meant to be a hate page towards him.

  1. He was a pedophile. On February 8th (9th in European countries) of 2018, he was called out by his ex-boyfriend, Kai, for being sexual towards minors.
  2. He had made a ton of inappropriate art that involved animals and animal-like characters being sexualized, and even made an entire Twitter account dedicated to posting this inappropriate art. He also drew and showed some of this inappropriate art in front of Kai in-person as well.
  3. He was extremely rude to his development crew and his friends, which caused plenty of drama in the development crew itself, and when he broke up with Kai, he told Kai that he was worthless in not only in a relationship, but in life in general, which gave Kai a ton of anxiety when he first read the message.
  4. He was a narcissist, as he had shown multiple times that he cared more about himself and his popularity than others, and he also didn't care for others at all, including his staff and who he was in a "romantic" relationship with.
  5. He was a hypocrite, as he broke his own contract to show Kai his work, which was against his own contract.
  6. He was manipulative, as he forced Kai into a poly relationship with two other people named Supas and Leo, with Leo being a minor at the time as well.
  7. He was ableist, as one of his quotes stated earlier shows him downplaying disabled people by making a joke about them. He was also disrespectful towards Kai for being autistic as well.
  8. He ignored Kai's feelings of premature death due to his chronic condition, while Kai was 10 years into the condition and started to get worried. Despite all of this, he proceeded to downplay Kai's situation and got someone else to research it on his behalf. This gives off more proof that he doesn't care for others and that he's ableist.
  9. He was a stalker, since that he told Supas and Leo to stalk Kai while Kai was depressed, causing Supas and Leo to find out about Kai's depression, and also causing them to eventually tell Explode1 about Kai.
  10. He lied numerous times to others, such as claiming to have gotten a therapist to improve on his flaws, which was later deemed as false, as he kept continuing his actions.
  11. When he was exposed, he made Adventure Forward 3: Vain Revival unofficial, let his anger out on his developers, and stole his developers' assets for the game.
  12. Despite all of the criticism that he had gotten after he was exposed for his actions, he refused to admit that he had done was wrong, which shows that he can't handle criticism. He also still continues to do almost every action that he did stated above by making multiple alternate accounts on Twitter and Discord, and it was also revealed that he still dates minors.[1][2]
  13. He preserved his games very poorly, causing a majority of his games to have either broken or become completely unplayable ever since his termination.
    • Paper Roblox Original requires at least two players to finish one of the chapters.
    • Almost every badge in Paper Roblox 2: Beyond the Fold broke, along with the saving system.
    • Super Paper Roblox has a menu in the original game that's glitched, and requires the player to use a certain method to get past the title screen to actually play the game itself, and even if this method is used, two groups of dialogue are broken in chapters 1 and 5 along with one platform in chapter 8, which prevents the player from making any more progress.
    • mh:perfectionrobloxgames:Adventure Forward 1: Star Savior can't even be played, since the original place is permanently closed down now.
    • Adventure Forward 2: Points of Conflict's original boss fights can't even be fought, and some of the platforms have lost collision as well, which will cause most players to get as far as worlds 2 and 3 with 18 Stars and 1 Symbol.
  14. Even after his termination, his actions stained the Adventure Forward and the Paper Roblox series' reputations, while SirRovers (his more civil successor) did his best to restore both series' reputation and bring the series to a more positive light, but unfortunately failed. Not only that, but as stated above, he still continues his predatory acts (showing he never changed nor learned his lesson), staining both series' reputations even more. By this day he's walking free and is at large.

"Redeeming" Qualities

Note: These redeeming qualities do not excuse and justifed his actions that he had performed.

  1. His building and scripting skills were good for his time, allowing for him to make some decent games for his time as well, such as mh:perfectionrobloxgames:Adventure Forward 2: Points of Conflict.
  2. Despite a chunk of his artwork being inappropriate, his artwork was really well made, especially his normal artwork, since they had plenty of details such as sparkles and glaring, and each artwork's theme fitted with what each piece of artwork belonged to as well.
  3. He didn't run away from his problems. When he was exposed, he admitted that all of what Kai said was true.


  • He was friends with Maelstronomer before he was exposed, and had worked on eight maps for his game, mh:perfectionrobloxgames:Super Blocky Ball, before the game had been released. Maelstronomer would cut ties with him after Explode1 was exposed.
  • Before he was exposed, he was friends with Mah_Bucket (who's also a Roblox predator) and was also in group chats with him.[3]
  • He was aware that he was going to get exposed at some point during his career.
  • Some time after he was exposed, Kai took over his main Twitter account with the purpose of noting down his actions.
  • He was terminated on November 30th of 2018 due to his criminal actions that he had performed.



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