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Warning: This article may contain content that is disturbing or distressing to some individuals.

Exploiting, also known as cheating, is a term of a player that cheats in the game in a specific way. Roblox receives many exploiters due to its popularity, as well as plenty of the games on it not having any anti-cheats. It has started probably in around 2012 and is still going on to this day.

Exploiting on Roblox is heavily hated by many normal Roblox players for various reasons, and is often considered to be one of the worst type of players that can be found on Roblox, however, sometimes this can be the other way around. Roblox and many games' developers, however, have tried plenty of ways to stop them.

Why It's Garbage and Why You (Mostly) Shouldn't Do It

  1. Exploiting is against Roblox's rules, and exploting can (although rarely) get you banned from the platform due to you breaking its rules.
  2. They're able to ruin people's time in games by doing annoying things such as killing them.
  3. Exploiters often tend to ignore criticism if you attempt to criticize them for exploiting. If you try to do so, they will most likely respond by saying or doing something bad to you or simply not listen to you.
  4. It can result in a game losing its popularity if it's rarely updated or if the owner and admins of the game have a very hard time dealing with them. One of the examples is Apocalypse Rising, which suffered from a lot of exploiters starting from 2012 after someone managed to create an exploiter tool for it, and Gusmanak (the owner of the game) and the game's admins failed with dealing with them numerous times, resulting in the game being one of the most exploited games on Roblox.
  5. Some exploiters also hacked servers in numerous games, by removing many stuff, changing background, replacing the music with something weird, creepy, or both, or even outright post something that is highly inappropiate. This especially occured in 2013-2014, where numerous games suffered from it, with one of the most notable exploiters who did it was c00lkidd, who did it with Work at a Pizza Place and Natural Disaster Survival, but thankfully, he got banned in mid-2016 due to his actions.
  6. It can even result in a controversy. Probably the most infamous example was on July 4th, 2018, when two exploiters managed to insert an inappropiate exploiter script and performed strongly inappropiate actions on a 7-year-old girl's avatar. It spawned so many controversies that Roblox permanently terminated the exploiters and put the game under review.
  7. Some exploiters make themselves invincible in the game, by constantly setting their HP to 0, without any chances of being hit by a normal player, which is one of the most notable disadvantages any normal player can have while trying to hurt an exploiter.
  8. While not always, it can make a game's official group be clogged with many normal players to beg its developer to update the game to fix the issues with exploiters. One of the most notable examples is Prison Life, which suffers from an extreme amount of exploiters due to lack of anti-cheat and rare updates, resulting in its official group having mostly comments begging to get rid of them, despite its developer, Aesthetical, having little time to update the game due to being in university as of 2017.
  9. Exploiters apparently cannot handle not being able to exploit in games if there's an anti-cheat, since sometimes, an exploiter might make a stronger exploiter script to bypass the anti-cheat to continue the exploiting, which is very unfair since making an anti-cheat is not easy, as it could take around 2 hours-6 days to make it.
  10. Some exploiters often post information on Roblox saying that exploiting is allowed, when it obviously isn't due to Roblox being heavily against exploiting. This can result in a warning or a ban.
  11. It can result in an exploiter losing their friends if they're against exploiting, as well as being possible to ruin a YouTuber's reputation if the latter makes exploiting videos that a lot of people hate.
  12. Though very rarely, sometimes exploiting can frame a user and get them banned for something they didn't do. For example, a popular Roblox YouTuber greenlegocats123 got unfairly banned in July 2017 due to being accused for exploiting, despite the fact that the actual exploiter was TypicalModders, making the former's ban very unfair.
    • However, it should be mentioned that he was only banned because Alexnewtron got mad at him for criticizing MeepCity, not because of exploiting reasons.
  13. While ByFron has heavily helped with stopping people from exploiting on Roblox (especially when it reached the Microsoft Store version of Roblox), it caused the positive side of the Roblox exploiting community to be unable to use exploits.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Exploiting allows for players to be able to access hidden things in a game or getting past something that's normally impossible to do. This is especially useful in broken Roblox games.
    • It can even result in being able to notice something normal players cannot, such as a room that has some stuff misplaced and/or unused, probably intended for some future update, making it useful to discover cut or unused content, though it can be slightly risky if there's an anticheat system, although this is very rare.
  2. Some exploiters can actually improve the experience of a game, such as helping the player out with a specific part of a game, or allowing for the player to explore other parts of the game that they may have trouble doing by themselves.
    • In fact, some of them can even add their own additions to a game in various ways.
  3. Some exploiters also only exploit for themselves without trying to ruin other player's experiences.
  4. Some Roblox YouTubers such as Citizen and TypicalModders are able to use exploits to make entertaining content on YouTube.
  5. The Microsoft store version of Roblox can kick you from a game if you try to exploit.
  6. Despite what was mentioned earlier about ByFron, it has heavily reduced the amount of harmful exploiters on Roblox.
  7. Roblox learned from their mistake and now gives exploiters an unappealable ban. However, while this is good for exploiters that just want to ruin other people's time, this doesn't work very well with exploiters that are more civil than the type of exploiter mentioned before.

What to Do If You Catch an Exploiter

  1. If there's an exploiter not following any of the redeeming qualities mentioned above, try reporting them to Roblox, although the report system does not work very well and rarely works.
  2. If you're in a game's Discord server and you've caught an exploiter not following any of the redeeming qualities above, try sending an image or a video that exposes the exploiter so the admins can try banning them for it, although this is a mediocre method as this tends to encourage them to return to the game with alternate accounts.
  3. If you don't feel like doing any of the two methods above, try to ignore them in order to make sure they don't target you. You can also leave the server that has an exploiter and try joining a different one without any exploiters. It's also much more efficient than trying to argue with them, especially if the exploiter's doing something extremely minor like flying for no reason.


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