Flex Your Account Age

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Flex Your Account Age
"Judge Every People Who Joined After You! (But at least they're not taking serious about it...)"
Genre: All Genres
Platforms: PC and Mac
Created: February 8, 2020
Creator: Rdite

Flex Your Account Age is a Roblox game created by Rdite. It was created on February 8, 2020. This game displays your accounts age and features some other attributes to show off such as DevForum membership, place visits and QA Tester membership.

Bad Qualities

  1. The concept for this game is ridiculously dumb and stupid. As it was only made just to calculate people's account being created in which time and their total place visits.
  2. There's barely any goal in this game, it's just hanging out and that's it. Despite its minigames, there's still only a limited amount of them.
  3. Some useless game passes. Even if they're only slightly cheap.
  4. Some users can have toxic behavior either for their own ego or their jealousy of other players.
  5. There are some free model stuff here and there, which is kind of lazy.

Good Qualities

  1. Pays respect to a few other games such as having the Dodge The Teapots Of Doom, Crossroads (Despite having the tower only), and Happy Home In Robloxia.
  2. The details of the time of the year where the users created their Roblox account and their place visits in total can be informative.
  3. The creator of the game encourages users not to be toxic and should respect others.
  4. It can give you nostalgic vibes for old Roblox due to its aesthetic nature of the game.



Anonymous user #1

4 months ago
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this whole wiki is dead


4 months ago
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Techsupport Agent 05

3 months ago
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Opinion: Its not that bad of a game to be in this wiki. It's just a joke game and the idea itself is cool even if it would induce toxicity.

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