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GTA5 Online Multiplayer
Don't compare this game to the real GTA V. At all...
Genre: All Genres
Platforms: PC
Created: June 23, 2015
Creator: Oowate

GTA5 Online Multiplayer is a 2015 open-world multiplayer game where you can buy cars, houses, and weapons. The game is supposed to simulate and mimic Grand Theft Auto V in blocky form.

Why It Got Wasted

  1. The game feels nothing like the real GTA V and feels more like a generic roleplay game, just with the addition of guns. All you do is buy a car and a house, and occasionally drive around.
  2. On top of that, it lacks almost every feature that made GTA V fun, such as NPCs, Police, ragdolls, violence and gore, motorcycles, planes, jet skis, and most importantly, Grand Theft Auto, despite it being in the title.
    • There are NPCs in the game called "citizens", but they have generic and dumb AI as they just wander around, even in the middle of a road. It's like they either just want to die to escape the game, not aware that there are cars, or are just plain stupid, Not helping is that all of them look the exact same. Worst of all, you don't earn cash if you kill them. Not even $1, thus making the NPCs serve no purpose.
  3. False Advertising: The description claims that the developer took a lot of time making this game, and that you can kill NPCs for money, but in reality, the game looks like it can be made in less than a day, and as mentioned above, you can't earn cash off killing NPCs despite the description saying you can. Also, mentioned above, you can't commit Grand Theft Auto.
  4. The graphics are very bad for a game released in 2015. The buildings lack textures and have low-quality decals, the streets are mere decals, there are free-model trees that consists of a green sphere and brown pole, the sand in the beach look like peach rocks, the water is just blue transparent cubes, similar to Hotel Elephant, and there is an abrupt side of the water that is grass. If you didn't look at the release date already before playing the game, you'd think that the game was released in 2008 or somewhere around.
  5. The UI doesn't look any better, as the UI saying you have to get your car from back has ROBLOX's default message script.
  6. There are only 20 cars in the game. To make matters worse, GTA V (the actual one), had over 740 cars to choose, which is way more than this game.
  7. After you buy your car, you get it from the back side. The problem is that there can be multiple unoccupied cars in the back in front of yours, making trying to move them forward frustrating.
  8. There are a few graphical issues. In the middle of the streets, you can very much see a sudden green square, and some streets are overlapping each other. Also, there is floating grass.
  9. You can buy houses, but most of them look the same with no differences whatsoever, as they are just cloned to make the game look less empty. To add insult to injury, there aren't any house customization options you can use to make your house look fancy, which is a wasted opportunity.
  10. Wonky car controls; Whenever you drive, your car will start to bounce up and down rapidly, and the acceleration & turning is extremely slow and delayed. Not helping is that all the cars work completely the same.
  11. The person you are shooting at takes damage if you shoot them by the torso. However, if you shoot them by the head, they don't take any damage. Instead, the bullets just go right through them, which is very nonsensical.
  12. Unlike in GTA V where your car properly gets damaged when you crash into a building or another car, no matter how much you crash into something in this game, your car stays looking & working perfectly fine. The only thing that is considered "damage" is when your car flips upside-down. Plus, if you run over a citizen, they somehow don't die, nor does your car take any damage at all.
  13. There is barely any music & sound effects in the game other than ROBLOX's default sounds and gunshots. You can't turn on any music on any car to keep you occupied, and not even the engines make noises when you drive them.
  14. As mentioned above, due to the lack of jet skis, the beach is pretty much pointless.
  15. There are apple and orange trees, but you can't pick up the fruits dropped from them, making them pointless.
  16. For some reason, when you get out of your car while driving, every time you jump, you get flung backwards far.
  17. Some of the tags in the description have absolutely nothing to do with the game itself.
    • Also, there are some questionable tags for a game made in ROBLOX, such as "girlfriend."
  18. There is a racetrack in the game, but it's very useless as there is no timer.
  19. There is no way to earn cash other than selling/driving your vehicle.
  20. If you have a certain amount of cash and clicked the save button. The game says it saved your money. However, if you rejoin and load your money, The amount of cash you had becomes $0, which is beyond frustrating.
  21. For some reason, Blobby from the Hotel Transylvania series appears in this game.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least this game has one feature that GTA V doesn't, which is buying your own house, although it is very lackluster as most of the houses are the exact same.
  2. You start off with 15,000 cash as soon as you play the game, which is generous.


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