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from the Roblox Games Wiki Group!

To give this and its sister wiki a fresh start, we've chosen to move wikis so that these wikis can be an organic review wiki system. However, these wikis will stay up as an archive. Check us out here.

Please also remember that the articles on this wiki are outdated, whether it'd be information that was never kept up to date, ways of criticizing that branched off of a now-defunct set of other wikis, and/or alternate ways of writing that aren't used anymore.
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This was not the first negative Roblox Games wiki. Abysmal Roblox Games Wiki (ABRGW) came before, but it was run down by trolls. DuchessTheSponge created this wiki so that the wiki can have a fresh new start ever since the original's downfall. For good Roblox culture, visit Perfection Roblox Games Wiki. This wiki and Perfection Roblox Games Wiki are both independent from the former Qualitipedia Wikis, so we are not affected by the closure of them.

WE ARE MOVING! Find us here.

# Any Roblox games already on Perfection Roblox Games Wiki - Not needed to explain why.

  1. Adopt Me - Will cause drama if it's put on either wiki. Plus, the original page on Abysmal Roblox Games Wiki was a biased hate page. Needs to be played and to be under review.
  2. Despicable Forces - Not actually a bad game in general, plus using music not made by the creators of the game is not the same thing as stealing music.
  3. Piggy or any fan-games based on it (with the only exception being Sponge) - Most of them were meant to be jokes or parody games.
  4. Any members of The Pals (The only exception would be Corl (2019-present)) - Decent YouTubers group and overall, not that bad of YouTubers.
  5. Any unpopular place or user - Would violate the rules and guidelines of this wiki. A "Popular" thing is anyone on YouTube with over 100K subscribers, any Roblox user with 100K+ followers, a place with over 100K visits, and a group with 50K members or more.


Basic Rules

  2. There is only ONE heading: Why It's Garbage.
    • Bad Qualities and Good Qualities - Those two minor headings are used to describe average games. 
    • You can make custom headings on the page, as long as your custom headings should be appropriate and relevant.
    • You can edit the custom layout instead of our headings, as long as you're willing to rewrite the page.
  3. You're allowed to use fonts for now, as long as you use them for the proper purposes:
    • Bold: Use this for Roblox games, a Roblox game series, and/or to express something as if it were used for exclamation (for example, "It goes extremely high!")
    • Italic: Use this for groups, items in games, locations, levels/stages, worlds, and/or chapters in games, and/or to express something as if it were used to answer something or to question something (for example, "Since it had happened before however, this is excusable.")
    • Bold and Italic: Use this for emphasis and to mark users, however, do not try to express something by using both fonts at the same time.
      • You also cannot have an excessive usage of fonts in a single article. It makes things unprofessional.
  4. Do not ever witch-hunt/raid anyone added in the articles. It'll only make things worse. It is also against Miraheze's CoC and ToS.
  5. You are allowed to add and use info from the Roblox Wiki as long as you didn't achieve plagiarism.
  6. Besides the headers stated above, writing any game mechanics is suggested.
  7. Do not perform unnecessary undoings on pages or cause edit wars. Please assume good faith in edits, or you'll get a warning.
  8. Do not create pages for games/updates/gears/etc that haven't been released unless it's a demo. No exceptions to this rule.
  9. Please do not add useless categories in the articles.
  10. Rude behavior towards other users will not be accepted. If you are rude towards another user, expect a warning or higher.
  11. Vandalism is not tolerated. Expect a 1-month, 2-month, 6-month ban or higher, if you do so.
  12. Do not create pages from games that aren't on Roblox, or it will result in being deleted.
  13. Overusing certain phrases (i.e. "Let that sink in") is not allowed.
  14. Comparing unrelated topics in the Redeeming Qualities sections of the targeting pages is not allowed, e.g. ("At least [GAME 1] is better than [GAME 2]." or [THIS GAME] is not as bad as [THAT GAME]."
  15. Refrain from using profanity on pages unless it is used in a quote or is basically important. Swearing in the comments is fine as long as it isn't used to offend others.
  16. Slurs are prohibited. Expect a 1-week block for doing so.
  17. If you see any flaws in any games, don't nitpick anything, and nitpicks don't mean that the games were completely bad. Adding an article full of nitpicks will result in deletion.
  18. If the place has more dislikes than likes, that doesn't really mean the place is completely bad. Check carefully, and play it if you want, before adding an article about it.
  19. Do not create pages for places, users, YouTubers, etc. which aren't popular. Instead, you can create something generalized. For example, if a user is online dating, yet it is an ordinary one, do not create a page about them, and instead, make a page which is about online daters in general.
  20. You can create anything about Roblox, may it be free models, users, YouTubers, places, terrible moments, etc. As long as the piece of Roblox Culture is "bad", it stays. Please see "Forbidden Pages" for more info.
  21. Do not accuse YouTubers of unprovable things, including sub bots. Link to sources when you can!
  22. Reasons for deleted comments are poor grammar, malicious propaganda, harassing others, insulting, uncensored swearing, if the comment makes no sense, flame wars, starting arguments, anonymous comments, and grammar Nazism.
  23. It's highly recommended to add a picture and infobox to a page you're making.
  24. Do not ask for admin; it just reduces the chance of getting it.
  25. You can use alt accounts as long as you didn't achieve great notoriety (for example, being a vandal). You cannot use alts for:
    • Avoiding blocks or warns, or any consequences, which can be considered a ban evasion.
    • Impersonating the actual name of other accounts can be considered sockpuppetry.
    • Trolling in any article comments can be considered sockpuppetry.
  26. It's highly recommended you use proper grammar while creating a page. If you think a page has poor grammar, don't complain about it. Either fix them by yourself or ask an admin (if a page is protected or you don't know what's wrong).

Page Guidelines

  1. The main headings to use on a page is Why It's Garbage/Bad Qualities. Custom headings are allowed as long as it fits the article.
  2. Pages must have at least four or more complete reasons for why it's bad/average.

The new Page Layout:

  • This will be the new format.
  • An infobox
  • Games and users will have a section called "The Scoop", which is like Why It Sucks, but it only has pointers and is unbiased. Basically a short summery.
    • Gameplay
    • Assets
    • Visuals
    • Music
    • Final Rating (Out of 100%)
    • Actions
    • Connections (with events or groups - I don't know if this is final or not)
    • Content (IF ON YOUTUBE)
    • Games
    • Final Rating**
    • Impact
    • What Happened?
    • Reactions
    • Roblox Intervention


1st Time: Warning

2nd Time: 3-day block

3rd Time: 1-month block

4th Time: 1-year block

5th Time: Kicked Out

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