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Greedy developer coming through

hectorthelegofan is a user who joined at 8/9/2018. He is notorious for acting sensitive all the time, manipulating his fans and being a salty, greedy, and toxic guy.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is a hypocrite, for example. He told everyone that he does not care about dislikes, which he did since he complained on someone about it.
  2. He can get very frustrated easily, he keeps being stressful everytime his coding does not even work.
  3. He is very egotistical, he wants to do the same scripts as he makes in the game, but the other people who is on team create on him are using random code, but these ones are new and they can handle the game very well, but he is being a baby over their scripts.
  4. He made fun of one of LycrisTheFloof's Family member's death, How disrespectful!
  5. He keeps manipulating his fans, for example, he told all his fans to mass dislike the videos that call him out.
  6. He attempted to get ianc2124 in BIG TROUBLE, as he told everyone that he leaked his address, which is false because he is extremely innocent to do that.
  7. He created a huge drama with COOLKiDGAMER456, and what makes it so dumb for it is because the drama was about something very minor.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His design in avatars are very cute and adorable, despite being a bad person on the internet.
  2. He really learned a lot of scripting as well, despite he constantly overreacts on a script error.
  3. At least he is sometimes a very nice person, despite him mainly acting mean.




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