Hiroshima Bombing Role Play

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Hiroshima Bombing {Role Play}
Who bombed the city of Hiroshima? You did several times!
Genre: Military
Platforms: PC
Created: 6/17/2018
Creator: flashman1224

Hiroshima Bombing {Role Play} is a military game on Roblox created by flashman1224. It is a game designed to recreate the Little Boy bombing on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6 of 1945, being executed by the United States during World War II after the Pearl Harbor bombing. The game is an "accurate" recreation of the events, depicting a small Japanese residence across the ocean and away from a plane runway with the weaponized plane ready for takeoff. Players on the plane's side must pilot the plane to the Japanese residence and detonate the bomb on any surface to destroy the buildings and create a large explosion.

Why This Game Should Be Bombed

  1. The very subject of the game is incredibly distasteful, similar to the infamous PC game JFK Reloaded. It also disrespects the victims and the families of said victims of the bombing of Hiroshima.
  2. The game is purely compromised of free models with simple functions and a lack of additions.
  3. The explosions are heavily detailed and will lag most players upon an impact of a bomb.
  4. After the explosions, the buildings and planes will not regenerate and players must join a new server to restart the process.
  5. The plane is extremely hard to control, also the bomb is incredibly sensitive and easily explodes if it makes physical contact with any surface, including the aircraft carrier.
  6. The Japanese buildings are not anchored properly, and portions of the roof can be knocked off onto the floor.
  7. The creator of the game is now terminated and cannot make any updates to the game, though it is still functioning as intended.
  8. There are multiple historical inaccuracies which are stated below:
    1. First of all, the plane used in the game is a B-17 Flying Fortress and it's in an aircraft carrier, yet there's no way that an aircraft carrier can carry a B-17, because the B-17 is not a carrier-based aircraft because it's too large to fit on an aircraft carrier. The plane that was actually used in reality was a B-29 Superfortress, which is also not carrier-based and took off at Tinian Island.
    2. A B-17 wouldn't have been able to even carry a nuclear bomb. It doesn't have the carrying capacity nor the range to do so. As stated before, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb was a B-29, that was also modified to carry the specific type of bomb.
  9. Even after the creator's termination, people have making their own versions of the game.


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