Hotel Stories

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Hotel Stories
Genre(s): All Genres (even though it's a story game)
Date Created: 7/6/2019
Creator(s): Derpie Studios (By Bearktikal)

Hotel Stories is a Roblox Story game created by Derpie Studios, which is owned by Beartikal, on July 6th, 2019.


10 players are hanging out in a hotel room, suspicious about the hotel. They soon hear a girl screaming in a room, and when they find her, she is found dead. This is due to the antagonist, The Demon. The players, along with the hotel bellhop, Mr. Smith, have to face whatever they go through in the hotel. There are 3 stories currently in the game. Basement Story, Alien Story, and Ghost Story.

Why It's a One Star Hotel

  1. The thumbnail is a bit misleading, since the bottom of the thumbnail says "A story game unlike any other..." although it's like any other story game, where the players are haunted by a generic monster and have to escape it.
    • There was also another Hotel story game named Hotel, a game created by SamsonXVI (the creator of the camping series (the game that inspired all story games), which is the same series as hotel), which was way more popular than Hotel Stories.
  2. Much like other story games like Airplane 4: One Last Flight and Time Travel Adventures, the genre of the game is All Genres, despite being a story game. The game would fit the horror genre better, since it's intended to be a horror game.
  3. The Hotel lobby is only one-story, which is found out by looking outside, which doesn't make sense because it is a big hotel.
  4. One of the main flaws in the game is the amount of cheap ways to die.
    • In the Basement story, a telephone rings in one of the rooms, a player has to get it, but when a player answers the phone, they get killed.
    • In Basement story, when the players get to the basement, Mr. Smith tells everyone to get in the elevator. The players can go in the elevator, but everyone in the elevator dies, with the people who didn't go inside not getting killed.
    • In the Alien story, when the players go down the stairs, if a player decides to jump down, they die from fall damage. A player might accidentally fall off and die. While this makes sense, you don't even die when you touch the ground, the game kills you when you fall down in the air.
    • In the Alien story, when the players pass the guards in Area-51, there are 2 doors leading to the elevator room. One of them has guard that will kill you. The players don't know which door is the right door, so they have to go with their luck. The player might end up choosing the door to the right, which has the guards who will kill you, making you have to restart the chapter or having to waste robux with a revive.
    • In the Alien story, when the players are trying to find the armory, the player might end up looking in the restroom. Unfortunately, one of Squid Boi (the main antagonist of Alien Story)'s tentacles show up and kills the player.
    • In the Ghost story, when there is a knock on the door, a player answers the door, assuming it is the ghost hunter they called, but it is a ghost, and the ghost kills the player who answered the door.
    • In the Ghost story, when the players and Ghost Hunter Gabe are in the garage, they can choose two options, going to Gabe's car, or going to the elevator. The players who went to Gabe's car die while the players in the elevator can move on.
  5. There are multiple microtransactions in the game that can be for weapons, healing, or a useless teddy bear that costs 50 robux. Revives also cost 30 robux, which is a bit expensive for a revive.
  6. To 100% the game (Egg Hunt does not count), you have to spend Robux, because one of the badges, which you have to revive yourself, costs robux.
  7. The Boss Fights are boring, with the main ones having identical attacks, with having a main attack and a special attack, and all you do is shoot.
    • The mini-bosses are also bad. Most of the mini-bosses are obstacles that you have to destroy.
    • The 2nd most frequent mini-boss are the enemies, the spiders in Basement Story, and the Crawlers in Alien Story, which are just insects that you have to shoot with a weapon.
    • The mini-boss of Ghost Story is Big Ghost, who has a tiny bit of health, making him extremely easy to kill.
  8. The main antagonist of Basement Story, The Demon, is a really generic antagonist. Like many story game villains, The Demon is just another monster that haunts the players until the end of the game.
  9. Squid Boi from Alien Story is a stupid name for an antagonist and is just a rip-off of Zach Nolan from the Camping games and the Hotel Monster from Hotel. Although it's supposed to be funny, it's not really that funny.
  10. The ghosts from Ghost Story also look stupid, as they are cartoonish shapes with a "scary" face. They can be compared to the Boos from the Mario Series, but the Boos aren't supposed to be scary.
  11. Ghost Hunter Gabe can be an unlikable character, since he is scared and doesn't fight ghosts, despite his status as a ghost hunter.
  12. In the Basement Story, when the players are shooting down the planks, when a plank is shot down, there is a giant opening, but the players can't go through due to the invisible wall since the game wants you to shoot every plank.
  13. It's pointless to buy the candle in the shop to get through the dark maze in Basement story because you can already make light by shooting with the gun.

Redeeeming Qualities

  1. The gameplay can sometimes be decent, such as the obbies.
  2. Although the thumbnail is a bit misleading due to the reason mentioned #1 in WYIaOSH, while the game's plot is generic, some parts are a bit unique, such as there being 3 stories.
  3. The design of the hotel is actually pretty detailed.
  4. Squid Boi's fight is a bit better than the main bosses of the other 2 stories, because the tentacles go in multiple directions.
  5. The restaurant in Ghost Story shows some effort, because it features many famous Roblox users eating at the tables.


  • The game was featured in Egg Hunt 2020: Agents of E.G.G in it's own story, featuring a boss battle against the Snake King.
  • The game is one of the only story games to teleport you to another game in the middle of the game.


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