ItsFunneh (post-2016)

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ItsFunneh (post-2016)
Not Funneh at all, ItsClickbait.
Profile: ItsFunneh
Style: Gaming
Date Joined: September 1st, 2011
Twitter: ItsFunneh
Facebook: ItsFunneh
Schedule: Every day at 3 to 4PM EDT
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: Est.9.5M

Kat L.A, known online as ItsFunneh, is a Canadian YouTuber who makes gaming videos. She used to make silent machinima videos from 2013 until 2014 when she started to make gaming videos. In 2016, her videos started to nosedive in quality. This page will explain why. As of October 2022, she has 9.5 million subscribers, inching closer to 10 million.

Small Timeline

Around 2012, she uploaded a few HALO and Call of Duty videos. The videos have been privatized, but if you go back to 2015 on the Wayback Machine, you will see these videos.

On January 2nd, 2013, she made her first public video. She took a 3-year break before restarting her channel, explaining she "focused on high school". Then, she made her video after the break on September 17th, 2015. She focuses on roleplays, gameplay, and milking popular content. This article will focus on her post-2016 content.


This will focus on the Krew as a whole. (She) either means ItsFunneh or the Krew itself.

Why Her "Jokes" are Stale Now

  1. She rushes her videos, proven by the fact that the videos are always made at the top of an hour.
  2. She is a walking, talking clickbait farm. For example, Swimming With Sharks! I almost got eaten! claims that there will be sharks, but it’s just a sequel to another one of her videos.
  3. Somewhat poor voice acting. Instead of hiring people to act in her series, the Krew does all the voice acting in their roleplays, which can make the characters sound repetitive.
  4. Most of the videos have filler. The filler is her just goofing off, padding the videos too long at 10 to 20 minutes.
  5. She silences her critics. Say something critical, she deletes your comment.
  6. She talks way too much that it gets in the way of the gameplay.
  7. Uncanny or annoying thumbnails appear. Most of them are ones where she is in danger.
  8. She supports people who comment stupid stuff, like finding twerking funny, or directly quoting her video. While it’s natural to pick comments that are funny, twerking is sexual.
  9. Just like any other gaming YouTuber, she milks Roblox, and downplaying her Minecraft content, the stuff that got her on the map, while giving other games (even if they are popular) little chances.
    • Though she does play other games, they are left out, due to them not being intended for her targeting audience. (Hello Neighbor, GTA 5, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Fortnite, etc.)
      • She does, however, play lots of disturbing "Escape or you will die" Roblox games, like Piggy, or Roblox Tunnel which might disturb younger children. Keep in mind her videos are ”kid friendly”, so this make her a hypocrite.
    • Speaking of this, due to the false advertising as kid friendly, she is breaking COPPA rules, and also breaking YouTube TOS
  10. Mediocre at the best intro, complete with stock music. Luckily, she has scraped intros.
  11. Somewhat false advertising: The name clearly says she's funny, but are giant spiders, killer Thomas impostors, a killer toy, and murder mysteries funny? It should be ItsHorror, because of the horror games she plays.
  12. Possible theft/trend surfing: She claims several year-old ideas and passes them as her own. An example is a Minecraft ‘the floor is lava’ video.
  13. She is a partial ODer (Online Dater); She mainly goes on other platforms to do it (playing games about dating toward a young audience, hinting at pedo/hebephilia) like the I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin' Good Dating Simulator game.
  14. Without speaking to her fans about it, she got rid of her Yandere High School series, which was one of the more popular series that she made.
  15. For some people, her not playing harder games can get boring. If she finds a harder game, she may quit.
  16. Some of the videos are reskins of her year-old or so videos. (What’s wrong with Roblox Granny is similar to What did Granny put in those Roblox Cookies)
  17. She loves to pad out her serious videos, like I GOT BANNED FROM ROBLOX!, where she, after 2 minutes, goes ahead and goofs off.
  18. Overall, this YouTuber is a shameless scam that online dates, reskin videos, clickbaits, and is not funny. Children deserve better content than this.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her channel was not as bad before 2016.
  2. Her vlogs are decent. Most of them are interesting and some include them traveling to other cities.
  3. She can be funny for unintentional reasons.
  4. In response to the criticism of the “kid friendly” controversy, she deleted the “kid friendly” part of her bio on YouTube.


  • ItsFunneh won 2 awards: The Bloxys and the 2018 Shorty Awards gaming category, probably because of popularity. She still gets nominated for Bloxy awards and Innovation awards because of this.
  • ItsFunneh is also very good at art. Too bad that LunarEclipse does most of the artwork.
  • Contrary to belief, ItsFunneh’s 1st video was NOT ‘Thirsty Crafter’. It was a Call of Duty video.

Some Videos Criticizing ItsFunneh


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