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Lee (born: August 30, 2002 [age 21]), also known online as Jie GamingStudio, is a Malaysian Roblox YouTuber primarily known for his Roblox Skits and some of his Roblox Trolling content. He uploaded his first video on 7 July, 2016, which was titled "10 Most Famous Roblox Players 2016(DANTDM,EthanGamerTV)". He has a Roblox Group titled Jies Fan Group!. He has also surpassed over 26K+ followers on his Roblox Account, which is by the name of jieeroblox.

Bad Qualities

  1. His videos are kinda low-quality, as they mostly consist of Roblox models making faces and sitting, as well as some ROBLOX gameplay.
  2. Many of the characters are unlikable. Many notable examples being:
    • Every mom. Jie makes it look like every mom is a moral guardian that believes in Video Games Cause Violence, which also makes Stanley and Sandra Practice from PPG look like saints in comparison.
    • If You Could Pause Games In ROBLOX has many unlikable characters, as it has trollers, sore losers, and cheaters, which also makes them Karma Houdinis.
    • Heck, even ROBLOX himself is unlikable, as he's flanderized into an unfair and stupid developer, and was even shown to be a pedophile on one occasion!
  3. Speaking of ROBLOX, his reasons for banning certain games are stupid. He's banned Tower of Hell, Piggy, and other popular games because he died once.
  4. Lots of unnecessary clips of a black screen with a single word on it.
  5. Speaking of unnecessary, there are also many sound effects that aren't important and don't serve any purpose. Such as the moan when ROBLOX says "hey builderman" in the beginning of the video, which is not appropriate for viewers under 13.
  6. Most videos are very unsatisfying, a good example being If You Couldn't Jump In ROBLOX.
  7. He even shoehorns himself into his videos and makes himself look like a better YouTuber then he is, and he also sometimes adds his star code.
  8. He could also be an ExplodingTNT wannabe only in Roblox due to the fact they both make fun of game creators only ExplodingTNT does it to entertain his fans and they both make "If (THIS HAPPENS) in (Roblox/Minecraft)" videos.
  9. He can't handle even the most slightest form of criticism, as he tells his fans to go harass anyone that criticize him.

Good Qualities

  1. Some of his videos can be funny to watch.
  2. Builderman is the only likable character, as he actually has a brain and often calls ROBLOX out.


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