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Lifting simulator is a game made by Sathopian. It was created on 8/14/2019.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game is very repetitive and boring. All you do in this game is lift, get alters and fight bosses, which can get boring very quickly.
  2. Some alters are weird, Like alter 20 and above being only made out of armor.
  3. Gamepasses are very overpriced, as it costs 2000 R$ to just double your strength. 2000 ROBUX is equivalent to $24.99, and the game overall has a lot of microtransactions.
  4. The new bosses are too strong, the last boss they added before the alter update only took alter 9, but now the first new boss they added requires alter 20.
  5. When you die, you can lose half your fame, which is unfair, because all of that hard work you put into getting, let's just say 100K fame will be gone, and you will have to gain the 50K fame back again.
  6. The game will insult you when you die, which is very offensive.
  7. People who have higher ranks go into games and will spawn kill people.
  8. The Hades skill is too overpowered, even thought it's not supposed to be.
  9. It's impossible to get on the biggest size leaderboard due to the amount of grinders their are.
  10. Some weights have the names GODTIER 1, GODTIER 2, etc., which honestly don't really make sense.
  11. The tutorial is awful. All it does is tell you normal things you should already know.
  12. The game gets VERY GRINDY eventually. For example, at alter 20, it will take you 3 days to unlock the next weight.
  13. For whatever reason, alter 4 causes a lot of lag, especially for lower end computers.
  14. The game is filled with free modeled stuff, like trees and spiders. That proves that the developers didn't put much effort into the game.
  15. God skills are way too rare to get, Like the Cronus boss having a 0.1% chance.
  16. The Athena skill is way underpowered, considering it is the third final god.
  17. Believe it or not, you can actually get kicked for flying when you go to the Cronus god while big. (Talking about the Qid size)
  18. Most people in this game are a superhero and being a godfather is nearly impossible.
  19. It becomes very difficult and probably near impossible to progress after Alter 15+, as the genetics fall off.
  20. The VIP gamepass is a scam, as it really does not grant anything good.
  21. Big Youtubers sponsor this game constantly. One example is GrumpyGravy, as he spends all of his ROBUX on this game. This would make other kids also waste their robux on buying coins because they saw their favorate youtuber do so.
  22. Player hunter is too overpowered, as you can join the person's server and just kill them.
  23. Before you can kill somebody you wanted to kill, they will usually just sell or conceal.
  24. Alter 25 does not look promising at all. It's just armor thats red and purple.
  25. It does not make sense that a universe isn't better then "Sharkupiter" which should mean it's a Jupiter.
  26. When you join in the game, you are vulnerable for the time being. This means you can die and lose a lot of stuff because of this.
  27. Some badges are impossible to get nowadays, The "Godly Badge" is a good example of this.
  28. They are planning to add more alters, which proves that the developers are greedy.
  29. Alter 15 is just a bad recolor of Alter 5, which means they didn't get any more ideas despite the fact the added over 5 more afterwards.
  30. They have got a fandom, and it's absolutely awful, very toxic and rude.
  31. Alter 19 will show a Yin Yang and Fish effect, but the Alter does not show any sign of fish anywhere.
  32. Having 1000 or more Kills will cause somebody to witch-hunt you because of it.
  33. When you die from a superhero and you got Criminal or above fame, they will say "Thanks for your fame loser" which is just unacceptable.
  34. When you are very small and have alter 10+, you will sometimes phase out of the map, or even worse, die because of it
  35. One of the ranks is misleading. I am talking about the Invincible rank because the person who has it isn't "invincible" at all.
  36. The Cronus skill is way too strong, especially if you are very big.
  37. Also, they might add pets in the game, If this happens, it will become even worse then it is, as many games filled with little kids and microtransactions have pets in them, so that's awful.
  38. Mutation isn't necessarily a weight, but the game says it is.
  39. The shark that shows up in the Weight "Sharkupiter" is utterly huge, and it is almost larger than the torpedo, which doesn't even make sense and is impossible in real life.
  40. It's nearly impossible to beat this game on smartphones due to the immense amount of grinding.
  41. The current title of the game is very weird, as it's just some guy with a text that says "Classic!" on the bottom, which is not logical at all, considering the game is nowhere near as classic.
  42. After getting the 'Grand Duke' Bloodline, Everything beyond that takes way too much grinding to get, (Getting Grand Duke takes about 20-30 mins, The very next one takes hours.)
  43. Some of the bloodline transformations look bad And are usually just some sort of weird skin from the catalog.
  44. In the group that made Lifting Simulator, it says that The Buy and Sell Areas are both Safe Zones, However this is false. As using Cronus skill can clip you out of the sell zone and kill you.
  45. Annoying sound effects when you kill people with alters. Use a cronus skill while massive and any alter will scream it in your face multiple times.
  46. Vip servers are outrageously Expensive. We are talking 6 Dollars for a vip server. This further proves the Developers being Greedy.
  47. What makes grinding worse is that sometimes the game will randomly crash, Usually you would be grinding at night time and then the game crashes so you cant grind anymore.
  48. The VIP gamepass has been on 50% off for the past year. Sure that would make it cheaper, but it proves the developers don't seem to care about it anymore.
  49. Sometimes the gamepasses just "Malfunction" And your only way to fix it is by rebuying it.
  50. Very unoriginal game. Many different lifting games exist. some being much better then this game.
  51. Because Lifting Simulator 3 Blew up, Sathopian used this to rip-off the game and milk it just for the robux.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The updates give you more room then you used to have, so you can escape people faster.
  2. On some events, you get double weights or coins, which makes it easier to progress.
  3. the title screen art is pretty awesome, Especially for the Boss update art.



Anonymous user #1

21 days ago
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At stage 22+, it’s literally 1 week per weight, yes WITH ALL THE GAMEPASSES, that’s ridiculous


21 days ago
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How do people even reach stages beyond that i have no idea

Anonymous user #1

17 days ago
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Holy cow, that's much of valid reasons why the game sucks.

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