LuckyBlock Battlegrounds

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Lucky Block Battlegrounds Is A Game Made By silky_dev, you fight people with items you get from lucky blocks.

Why It Sucks
  1. . The items you get from lucky blocks you get are usually bad items. like bows that dont even do damage.
  2. . It gets boring eventually, (20-10 Mins)
  3. . The Mechanics in the game are very slim. all you can do is turn the music on or off.
  4. . the music will eventually stop and the only way to get it back is thru rejoining.
  5. . some items are way too strong. Like supernova or Time stop.
  6. . people go into your base to spawn kill you.
  7. . the game is very broken. you can lag the game badly if you just click fast with the ice bow.
  8. . it takes a minute to get a lucky block.
  9. . the glitch block takes 15 minutes for somebody to get it.
  10. . the glitch block sometimes can give you bad items.
  11. . the map is basically made out of free models, meaning the dev is lazy to make it.
  12. . in order for you to be good at the game, you need to pay robux in order to do it.
  13. . Some items are very strong while they come out of common blocks.
  14. . The Game mechanics are slim. the only thing you can do is turn the music off and on..
  15. . If You kill the Developer of the game, he will ban you for a year for doing so.
  16. . The dev rarely patches glitches and when he does its usually something small.
  17. . Some items will just break the game entirely, (One bow and a teleporter will crash the game)
  18. . Theirs not much to do after 30-60 Mins.
  19. . if you open 30-50 blocks, sometimes The blocks will eventaully stop giving you items. meaning you cant get items from that lucky block until you rejoin.
  20. . some items will spaz out your screen.
  21. . One of the rocket launchers can aim so well that it hits people even with the carpet.
  22. . 1 item will make you invisible for the entire game and this is very annoying.
  23. . You can die from your own items (Most rocket launchers, Airstrike, Torpedo Drink)
  24. .The Lava blocks (also the limited blocks) Dont give you barley anything good, their a scam and you shouldn't buy them.

The only redeeming quality

  1. . The game can be fun if nobody really has anything strong.