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CreepCity would be a better title for this game.
Genre: City
Platforms: PC
Created: February 23, 2016
Creator: alexnewtron

MeepCity is a Roblox place created on February 23, 2016 by alexnewtron, and it's known as one of his most popular games on the site to date. MeepCity is basically a game where you take care of and do various activities with your pet, also known as a "Meep". A Meep is a round, limbless creature that follows you around everywhere. Outside of raising the titular creatures, you used to also be able to attend and create parties for other people to join. This game is inspired by Disney games, aside from kart-racing.

Bad Qualities

  1. This game is an obvious ripoff of Disney's ToonTown Online. It practically stole the sounds and animations from said game. Even worse is that people actually believe that ToonTown copied this game. Alex said that the game is "inspired" by said Disney games, so it is unlikely that this game will actually get deleted, unless Disney finds out about MeepCity.
  2. Meeps, the pets in the game, are blatant ripoffs of both Doodles from ToonTown and Puffles from Club Penguin.
  3. Despite ROBLOX having a rule where online dating (even roleplaying) is restricted or outright banned, the game is chock-full of online daters. Online dating is dangerous because you could be ODing with an online predator in real life. Although there is an extremely high chance they're kids who don't know the guidelines, online dating can have some really bad consequences; sexual harassment at best, identity theft or scamming at worst.
    • That even caused alexnewtron to get in trouble in Feb. 16 2022!
  4. Outside of the extensive online dating activites, MeepCity has fallen victim to massive trolling from players against the game. Trollers will often shout out questionable things or try to annoy the other players trying to enjoy the game.
  5. To create parties for other people to join and to get the avatar edition of MeepCity, you had to purchase the Plus Gamepass, and it costed 400 robux, which is exactly the amount of Robux you get when you pay $4.95 real world US dollars. In other words, you had to pay $5 just to be able to create a party.
  6. The parties could be very toxic, to the point where players have even created STRIP CLUB PARTIES!
  7. Speaking of toxicity, the chat filter is abysmal. It censors out numbers and names, yet it is hilariously bad at stopping profanity. Some of the bullies are actually racist.
  8. The characters in the game's artworks tend to fall into the Uncanny Valley, in which they look like a creepy version of The Muppets Miss Piggy, according to popular ROBLOX YouTuber, AlbertsStuff (also known as Flamingo).
  9. The creator of MeepCity, alexnewtron, does little to nothing to stop the activities that take place in his game, which include but are not limited to: online dating, sexual roleplaying, and offensive trolling. When he does do something, he just tells the people reporting the issue to him to report the players involved in frowned upon acts, or to a certain extent, block you from Twitter (A popular example is Cowcowmanthingit or Greenlegocats123 on Youtube). Reporting the players does nothing if anything at all. Speaking of online dating, according to ROBLOX Youtuber greenlegocats123, ROBLOX does not ban online daters. Though this is a given, due to ROBLOX's history with poor adminship, and the extremely high amount of ODers.
  10. Severe lag on mobile phones.
  11. Boring, generic gameplay.
  12. The minigames, while entertaining and fun to play (depending on your view), are outdated and there are only 2, the third one being parties, which was deleted in 2022, and are unfinished.
    • Starball is just your generic ball rolling game, however, it was never updated, as when you finish North Pole, the level after the world is saying that there will be more worlds, they were never added for decades.
    • MeepCity Racing is also just a generic kart race game, and just like above, they were both not updated for a really long time (the Melody map still contains the promotional posters of the Pixar movie Coco, which premiered in 2017), there are only 3 tracks, the kart previews on the main menu are broken and the cloud item is repetitive.

Good Qualities

  1. As with alexnewtron's other games, the music is decent.
    • One of the best songs in the soundtrack is Village (The Night theme for the Neighborhood). The song is very relaxing and pleasing to listen to.
  2. It has an Avatar editor, so newer players and players that can't afford clothes can fit in. However, this feature often gets abused by online daters.
  3. The building/scripting is pretty crisp, the buildings were made well and the scripts were very well coded.
  4. The creator at least does something to reduce, not completely end, ODing, e.g. removing the push-up and sleeping animations, beds from parties, etc.
  5. Unlike ToonTown, you can customize your house by buying furniture.
  6. The ODers died down, you can still see them in parties, but on main MeepCity, they can date rarely.
    • The Oders were also gone since parties were removed.
  7. There are no free models; everything is custom made.
  8. Alexnewtron recently lowered the price of the Candy Pack to 99 robux, which is a more reasonable price.
  9. Unlike Toontown, you can fish unlimited times without using Jellybeans.


  • MeepCity was originally released in 2012 as a short-lived indie MMO game (formerly called 'Social Meeps' before changing to its current name), but was discontinued later on for unknown reasons. The original Meeps looked like today's Meeps, but they were 2D and had black/white lines for eyes and a smile.
  • On October 2, 2019, the game got hacked by a troll exploiter named tubers93. Some people praised this incident, while others felt bad for this. The so-called "fan sequel," MeepCity 2, is just a place with a mosque model with "PRAISE ALLAH." If you try to pray, you will explode, and the controversial Arabic propaganda song 'Salil Sawarim' plays. The "sequel" was later deleted and the real MeepCity was fixed. However, tubers93 was not terminated (until MeepCity later got hacked again in February 29).
  • On February 29, 2020, the game got hacked again by the same exploiter, tubers93, which caused a panic throughout the ROBLOX community. Extreme amounts of coins were given out and it later redirected the game to a darker version of itself. tubers93 was later finally terminated after this incident.


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