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"I'm sorry for stealing EP Assets, I'm not gonna do it again." More like you're going to steal more assets.
Gender: Male
Type: Thief
Predator (possibly)
Date Joined: June 16th of 2014 (Main)
June 30th of 2020 (Alt)
Status: Terminated (main)
Semi-active (alt)

Mishambo (Also known as camanderson321 or RobinTheDeveloper) is a Roblox developer who stole assets from Entry Point and used them for his own games and to boost his reputation so he can make a "sequel" to Entry Point. He is hated by The Entry Point community, placing a dent Entry Point's reputation. He is also the founder of Coral Reef Development, and he's also known for his NFSW content, although it's unknown if he's a predator or not. He was one of the first Roblox users to start the Entry Point clones trend.

Why He's Garbage

  1. He stole assets from Entry Point and claimed it as his own, and he used these stolen assets to make his own games, rather than making his own assets himself.
  2. He made NFSW content, possibly hinting that he is a predator.
  3. He doxxed Cishshato, Bunpunk and possibly the Q&A team of Freefall Softworks. The reason? Because he was declined to make a sequel.
  4. He gave placed a dent on Entry Point's reputation. But thankfully it recovered.
  5. When he was exposed, his apology stated that he was sorry for stealing and won't do it again, but he kept on stealing assets, showing that he faked his apology so people would stop hating him.
  6. When someone tries to find the mega pack (the model he used), he moves them again, which is hypocritical of him, since that he steals other people's assets, despite him not wanting people to steal his assets.
  7. After his termination, he made an alternate account and continued stealing Cishshato's assets and made Nightfall.
  8. Even after being exposed and terminated, his actions also influenced other people to make their own versions of Entry Point which are still going while some are original, some used EP assets. These are known as "Entry Point clones".

"Redeeming" Qualities

Note: These redeeming qualities do not justify most of his actions that he had performed.

  1. He is making a Minecraft mod called Orespawn/Chaos Awakens.

Games that he made with their pages

  • Mercury - The first game he had made. A map similar to lakehouse, he hid the game's assets when making it, and moves them if someone finds them.
  • Entry Point: Chapter 2 - A "sequel" of Entry Point, with almost no gameplay similar to Entry Point.
  • Nightfall - A remake of the game, Avoid, which is mostly worse, but has some improvements.


  • It's unknown how his main got terminated.



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