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Warning: This article may contain content that is disturbing or distressing to some individuals.

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"I hope you both live fulfilling lives knowing you've ruined people's lives" -MisterObvious' most hypocritical statement.
Gender: Male
Type: Animator
Voice actor
Criticism refuser
Date Joined: June 23rd of 2007 (Roblox)
July 28th of 2010 (YouTube)
Status: Terminated (Roblox)
Innactive (YouTube)
Suspended (Main Twitter account)
Inactive (Alternate Twitter accounts)
Disabled (Main Discord account)
Active (possible alternate Discord account(s))
Banned (SoundCloud)

MisterObvious (Also known as AwesomeRobloxians on YouTube, AnimsReborn, ROBLOXAnim, and misterobvagain on Twitter, and Julian Kurk in real life) was a Roblox animator, voice actor, and game developer. He was mostly known for creating plenty of animation skits and for his humor. He was also the owner of the MisterObvious Fanclub!, and he had also made a popular Roblox game called Anims Reborn : RP Animation Game (also known as his "Animation Studio").

Why He's Obvious to Stay Away From

Note: Some of this information came from two of Ruben Sim's YouTube videos talking about MisterObvious' acts of pedophilia, with the two videos being listed below.

Note 2: This article's main purpose is to show other people across the internet as to what MisterObvious had done, and this article is not meant to be a hate page towards him.

Note 3: Even though there's a chunk of proof to support the statements below, it's not completely confirmed on whether this links to MisterObvious or not, although it's very likely that it does link to him.

  1. He was a pedophile. On June 14th of 2017, MisterObvious was called out by ejob and an unknown user for sexually communicating with multiple underage girls. Some of these incidents involved him asking a 15-year-old girl about their very private information, dating the same 15-year-old girl mentioned earlier, and sending multiple underage girls Discord audio files and pictures that were mostly inappropriate.
  2. He tried to manipulate his fans into thinking that he was a good person, as he constantly tried to downplay the evidence of him being a pedophile and acted like it was fake, and he tried to make sure that the people who knew about his actions wouldn't tell anyone else about it by threatening them.
  3. He was a hypocrite, as he claimed that ejob and an unknown user ruined people's lives by calling him out, despite that what ejob and the unknown user did was not only good, but he traumatized multiple minors by being sexual with them. He also claimed that his Discord server had betrayed him for leaving him, despite him manipulating all of his fans into thinking that he was a good person.
  4. He couldn't handle criticism, as rather than understanding why his Discord server got mad at him, he instead got mad at his Discord server, closed his Animation Studio down, and said that Roblox was the worst game ever made because of how his Discord server reacted to the news about him being a pedophile.
  5. He tried to run away from his problems multiple times by trying to act like all of the proof of him being a pedophile was fake, with some of his attempts being about him lying about his gender, and him proposing a fake lawsuit threat against Ruben Sim as a last-ditch effort to "redeem" himself, which also shows more of him not taking in criticism.
  6. He never admitted that what he did was wrong, as he attempted to guilt trip multiple people because they thought that what he did was wrong, with one of the most infamous examples of this being when he said that he hoped that ejob and an unknown user would live fulfilling lives knowing that they've "ruined people's lives". He also claimed that it was messed up for him to lose everything that he had and everything that he loved and asked what more people wanted from him, despite his actions. This also gives off more proof that he can't handle criticism.
  7. Speaking about him never admitting that what he did was wrong, he tried to get his fans to like him again by reopening his Animation Studio shortly after he had closed it down, which shows that he wanted his fans to like him again, yet he didn't want to admit that what he did was both true and wrong of him to do.
  8. He constantly tried to play the role of the victim when he was exposed for being a pedophile, as he closed his Animation Studio down because he claimed that he was the victim of a witch hunt as stated earlier, and that his Discord server had "betrayed him", despite his actions also stated earlier. He also questioned Ruben Sim as to why he had brought him to justice, which shows more proof about him being unable to handle criticism.
  9. He had claimed that he had "changed" and tried to defend his statement by saying that he was still pretty young, and by stating that the incident of him being a pedophile was from four months ago (at the time). Despite what he had said, he said that shortly after Ruben Sim's video about him was uploaded, he refused to admit to what he had done was both real and wrong as stated earlier, and he never told his fanbase that he had "changed" as well. To make matters even worse, in Ruben Sim's second video about him being sued by Roblox, there is a video of MisterObvious masturbating, which was taken after he was exposed, and it's stated that he also sent this same video to another underage girl. The video was however censored once Ruben Sim edited it to use it in his video.
  10. Despite him leaving years ago, it was revealed that in Ruben Sim's second video about him being sued by Roblox, MisterObvious still continues to go after underage girls, since that early in the 6th minute of the video, there is a video that shows him masturbating (as stated earlier), and it was also stated that he sent this to another underage girl (also stated earlier).
  11. The two qualities stated above also show that he faked his remorse to make it so that people would stop hating him.

"Redeeming" Qualities

Note: These redeeming qualities do not excuse his actions that he had performed.

  1. His animation skits that he had made in the past were very well made, as the animation not only felt natural, but the limbs of the characters featured in his videos never detached unintentionally.
  2. His comedy was pretty funny, as he had made jokes that were pretty funny (especially for their time), such as having goofy voice acting, stupid moments such as a random explosion, and having the end of his videos mostly credit himself with a goofy voice.
  3. He was really nice to others before he became a pedophile, with one example being a video of his called ROBLOX Winter Games - MisterObvious's Experience, which was dedicated to ejob, who at the time of the video's upload, was his best friend, and he also compliments some of the sources that he had used for the video as well, such as saying that the textures that he had used were amazing, and by saying that Roblox is "an inspiration to us roblox players.".
  4. When he was exposed, he left both YouTube and Roblox, even though he did rarely go online on his main account.


  • He used to have three alternate accounts that were named HellBoy10, MlSTEROBVIOUS, and MissObvious, however, HellBoy10 was taken at some point during 2011, and has now been terminated along with MlSTEROBVIOUS, while MissObvious was abandoned.
  • He had won two Bloxy Awards in 2013 and 2014, with the two videos that got him both awards being listed below.
  • Shortly after he was exposed, he took down all but four of his videos on his YouTube channel, AwesomeRobloxians, made his Twitter private, changed his Twitter description to read "goodbye misterobvious", changed his Twitter blurb to "fuck you ejob and (Unnamed person) I hope you both live fulfilling lives knowing you've ruined people's lives" (however, both his Twitter description and his Twitter blurb were changed to "1" at some point), got rid of his uploads on SoundCloud, and changed his Roblox profile description to "I'm gone and I'm never coming back. From the past MisterObvious: "Happy 10th anniversary MisterObvious.".
  • Ruben Sim had filed a police report against him, however, it was shown that he was never arrested, as in Ruben Sim's second video about him being sued by Roblox, he showed a censored video that had MisterObvious masturbating after he was exposed as stated earlier.
  • It has also been suggested that he might have one or more alternate Discord accounts, as he still manages to go after underage girls as stated earlier.
  • Plenty of other Roblox YouTubers made videos related to him shortly after Ruben Sim's video about his predatory actions had been released.
  • Roblox didn't terminate his account until May 26th of 2021, and even then, they only terminated him because his account was hijacked.


Videos talking about his Pedophilia

His Bloxy Award-Winning Videos

His Remaining Non-Bloxy Award-Winning Videos


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