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Roblox moderation in one image.

The moderation system in Roblox is the current system of enforcing a civil community for the platform. Roblox uses human moderators to examine content to ensure that it meets the rules as well as using automated systems to filter bad words. Content such as "hate speech", "sexual content", and "swearing" are all things that are not tolerated on Roblox. However, the moderation has been criticized by many as broken and terrible because of the poor quality control and strict filtering of text.

Why It Sucks

  1. The moderation system is awful overall. It doesn't distinguish between content that is valid and inappropriate.
  2. The moderation team fails at quality control. They can falsely warn/ban you if they think it violates it even though it clearly is appropriate. Sometimes illicit items even make it through the moderation check and get completely uploaded! Although they do get taken down eventually, it stains the reputation of the moderation system for letting items like this get approved in the first place.
  3. The filter is infamous for being way too sensitive and at times inconsistent with what it blocks. It can censor words that are appropriate, such as "foley," but sometimes (uncommonly) would accept certain bad words or swear words that have been modified to bypass the filter. They even censored words like "yandere" (which might be reasonable), "discord", etc. They would even tag every word even if they are innocent.
    • Speaking of which they ban the word Discord, for just a petty reason, despite they have it linked, which shows how hypocritical the moderation team are.
  4. You can get warned/banned for stupid reasons; the rules are strict on how it enforces them. Certain memes aren't allowed (especially Ugandan knuckles), also saying "gay," even in a non-offensive context, would get you warned.
    • The given bans can be way too harsh, 3-7 day bans are usually what would happen, or sometimes even termination.
    • In fact, you can even get a warning and your image getting Content Deleted just because the text is too small/unreadable.
  5. The report feature is unreliable. Very rarely it would follow up or respond and ban that user.
  6. In 2019, a hacker got access via bribing, to a Roblox moderator's panel and saw their operations. These mods were outsourced by overseas companies. While in practice it may be decent, these mods don't seem to have the qualities to moderate such platform and their cultural barrier can interfere with them, which could explain the poor moderation and false bans.
  7. Moderators can get fooled by false reports even if it is blatantly fake. A person could pose as the victim's parent and request the moderation team to lock the account even if the victim was over 18.
    • One of the most infamous examples was the banning of Ambusher11, he was apparently banned for no reason after someone had created a fake support ticket to lock his account, which was blatant with fake address and some swearing. Ambusher11 has tried to appeal this but couldn't because he had no proof of owning that account. He still is banned to this day.
  8. Ban messages are vague. They sometimes don't give you the exact reason on why you got banned or specify why that item is inappropriate which can make it difficult to appeal them.
  9. The lax moderation system used to led to many rule-breaking and inappropriate games let in without proper review. Example include: Condo games (suggestive animations, online dating), free Robux games, fake games, games with suggestive thumbnails. What's also weird is that when Roblox removes a user, they don't automatically delete the places that the user created, meaning that botted accounts may still have their scam games dormant.
  10. If your account got stolen, they would not even help you get it back.
  11. Even if your account gets terminated from this, you can easily still bypass this by simply creating another alt. This is a major problem in the Roblox community especially being done with exploiters.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Sometimes they do try to reverse these bans, only though by community outrage.
  2. An addendum with WIS#9, Roblox has been recently taking swift action against inappropriate games, removing the thumbnails and taking down the places as well as removing the accounts. They have also censored the word "condo" and other variations in their game search. Additionally, in December 2022, they threatened to file lawsuits at Condo owners and bypassed clothing creators.
  3. Occasionally, they ban/termination users that Turley do messed up things
  4. Some good cases they can ban hackers that steal accounts.


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