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Account Thefts, also known as hacking or locking, is a term of a player that steals their victim's accounts, ranging from social engineering to viruses such as a trojan. These acts are still ongoing by this day

Account Thefts on Roblox is heavily hated by many normal Roblox players for various reasons, and is often considered to be one of the worst type of players that can be found on Roblox, however, sometimes this can be the other way around. Roblox's staff have tried everything in their power to recover the victim's accounts but no avail.

Why It's Garbage and Why You (Mostly) Shouldn't Do It

  1. First off there are multiple ways how it works listed below:
    • The well known example is social engineering, where for example you were "offered" a free item only to get tricked into putting your personal information.
    • There are also scam links which do the same thing. (e.g. free Robux places/sites).
    • The worst of all, would be use of trojan/RAT (Remote Action Trojan). Where they access your computer and personal information.
  2. They can even bypass 2FA, Pin and even the best security you have.
  3. The moderation team who is no better than them would just turn a blind eye to them, showing that they enable their actions.
    • What's worse is, when you get your account back, Roblox's moderation would do nothing to help you, even if you explain everything. They instead just brush it off and let the hackers get off scot-free, by giving them special treatment.
  4. Usually most account thefts would be in games with trading like Murder Mystery 2.
  5. When your account is stolen, they would mostly sell your limited items.
  6. Even if you get your account back, if you have limited items, your limited will be gone.
  7. Despite what the Terms of Service said, they simply neglect anyone that got hacked, showing how neglectful and hypocritical the moderation team is.
  8. Account Lockers aren't any better than hackers. Instead of hacking and trojan/RAT they use the moderation by social engineering or bribery and password guessing.

The only Redeeming Qualities

  1. Sometimes they can recover your account.
  2. While the hackers can get away, they can't get off scot-free forever, as they will punished sometimes.

What to Do If You Catch an Hacker and How to Avoid/Prevent it?

  1. First off the best way is to have a 2FA, PIN and strong password.
  2. Don't share any information.
  3. Avoid clicking scam links.
  4. Avoid trading sites.
  5. Avoid trading in general.
  6. Keep your inventory private.
  7. If you're really paranoid you can delete your Roblox account as a last resort.