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Here's an example of online dating in a nutshell.

"Online Dating", commonly referred to as "ODing", is a term which describes the practice of dating on the internet.

On Roblox, this practice is heavily disliked by old Roblox players and many players in general, because Roblox's rules clearly state the Online Dating is prohibited on Roblox. It has started around 2008 (when the Town and City game Robloxaville by Playrobot was released), and is still going on to this day.

Whilst many believe Online Dating has increased, Online Dating was at its peak from 2011-2014, and now due to changing attitudes and new cultures rising, ODing has slowly decreased over the past few months. While Online Dating was bad, anti-ODers were as bad (if not even worse) than the Online Daters themselves.

Sadly, ODing has devolved as a cheap insult used by users to harass and bully users who dress a certain way. it basically means the same thing as noob.

ROBLOX has done stuff to stop this, like censor all romantic words all together.

Why They Suck

Online Dating

  1. First and foremost, Online Dating is against Roblox's rules.
  2. It's one of the main things that caused Roblox's downfall, along with crappy games and clickbait Youtubers.
  3. While Online Dating might not be bad for older people, many little kids and players are encouraged to do it, since many players (known as ODer's) are already doing it.
  4. Besides that, Online Dating can also be very risky, since little kids can be tricked into giving personal information to predators or pedophiles.
    • Speaking of that, it is now commonly believed that pedophiles might lurk on Roblox. That doesn't mean that the majority of the ODers are pedophiles.
  5. Sex acts happen often during online daters. Because of this, children might see adult content, that may be disturbing to them.
  6. There are so many Online Daters that even Roblox can't get rid of them.
  7. Online Dating dramatically ruined Roblox's reputation. Because of this, many players stopped playing Roblox, and some may refuse to play the game at all.
  8. These people get Roblox in hot water by mainstream media.

Online Daters

NOTE: Alot of them are little kids, or maybe new players, who don't know that Online Dating is prohibited there. This article will only talk about the players which refuse to stop, despite they were already warned.

  1. They are extremely toxic, and they will try to make anyone who is against them feel inferior. For example, a YouTuber known as InquisitorMaster is known for doing this very often, and insulted anyone who was against her, most notably GreenLegoCats123. They are also lustful hypocrites, since most of them claim they don't date when they actually do themselves.
  2. They are literally everywhere, so much that Roblox can not magically ban them all. A good example are high school games, where some of the players are just glorious beings, the others are Online Daters.
  3. Online Daters will also try to report you if you are against them. The problem is that your account can get terminated by this wrongfully.
  4. On Twitter, some older (ages 13+) Roblox users (mostly girls) started a trend, called "uncanny valley" or "R-Thot" by the hatebase, in which they would post a "realistic" version of their avatars with realistic faces, hair assets from The Sims franchise, Second Life, etc, and posing in modern areas, mostly their "house". It is not usually that bad, but unsettling in general due to the faces. However, there are some users who post inappropriate stuff like having sex with either fictional boyfriends/girlfriends, or in that case, real people. It does not help the fact that they got away with this content because it's from Twitter and Roblox does not know their actual usernames! Thankfully, the trend has died down a bit, so did the hatebase. This trend is arguably worse than most of the ODing community.
  5. There are even a few actual pedophiles, like MisterObvious, Euphoros, Quentisarus and Pu1l! )
  6. While the beginner ones might not be rude, the wealthy and rich ones can go to as far as punishing you just because you "interrupted" their "relationship". For example, a Robloxian wants to visit a cool place he saw somewhere, but two ODers go there to avoid being reported. The ODers will start bashing him to the point the Robloxian will leave the place. Even worse, you can get banned from various places because of this.
  7. Online Daters can break the Roblox experience. Roblox's tone should be cartoony and kid-friendly, not realistic with full of adult content.
  8. They create many horrible ODer-related places, like weddings. Some games also have sexual content. In one case, back in early 2016, there was an inappropriate game (it was free-modeled and had disgusting content) that somehow managed to reach the front page. Thankfully, these places are deleted from the Roblox website.
    • Popular places that Online daters upload are the 'Condo' games which are initially simple hang-outs that turned more intimate later on. These are straight up overly suggestive with questionable animations, accessories and disgusting morphs.
    • While Roblox does take these places down eventually, they still survive and resurface. What's concerning is that these devs have Discord servers that have people who play on these types of games. And they use these servers to distribute the links to the places in case if one gets taken down. This can be potentially rule breaking to Discord (promoting of illicit activities).
  9. Just imagine a 4 year old Roblox kid dating a 50 year old man.


The hatebase, also known as Anti-ODers,are known to be extremely harsh. Just in case, the main problem of Anti-ODers, and ODers has its flaws. However, they are usually less harsh and toxic than the ODers.

  1. Many bully other non-ODers if they dress realistically, showing that they do not know that ODing is an action, not a style.
  2. Many claim that many front page games (mostly MeepCity and other Town/City-related games) have 99% ODers when they do not have as much.
  3. Many encourage other people to raid/harass games with ODing in them instead of ignoring the game or explaining to innocent players how to stop dating. Raiding and harassing is against rules, you know!
  4. Sometimes many falsely accuse others of online dating.
  5. They sometimes use doing as an excuse to harass, troll, and even exploit.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Many people who used to OD stopped later on for various reasons, mostly either they lost interest in the practice or they noticed that dating is against Roblox rules.
  2. A few known ODer games (the ones that do not have sexual content) got banned, notably Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid by Tremity/Games_Page.
  3. Although the Uncanny Valley fanbase has more sexual content, it arguably has less ODers since it is rare and mostly occurs on Twitter. It doesn't mean that 10% of the community are ODers, though!
  4. As mention on No. 3, the population of ODers has been died down, leading to become uncommon to see ODers.
  5. The sexual ODer games, on the other hand, get deleted immediately. Same goes for most of the sexual models.
  6. MisterObvious, whom was one of the pedophiles on Roblox, quit the game since many people called him out for his wrongdoings.
  7. It's mostly just role-playing, not actual dating although it still is repulsive.

What You Can Do If You See ODers

  1. Report the problem to Roblox, although the reporting system is not very reliable, an alternate to this is to make a video with much proof as possible and send it to the Roblox moderation team.
  2. Just ignore them, or do not visit ODer hotspots at all. It is not recommended to exploit in ODer games, since exploiting can get you banned, although many people, even YouTubers (Citizen, TypicalModders, etc.), get away with this act, due to them making alternate accounts.
  3. Try not to harass ODers. It is not just for the rules, but to not let the ODers get bullied.

Games you may find ODers

You may find online daters but in which game? Glad you asked. You can some in Brookhaven, Adopt and Raise a Baby, CNP Hangout, Robloxian High School And of course Livetopia


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