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RNG games
“There is no game here! Why are so many people playing this?!” - Eclipse
Genre: RNG
Platforms: Xbox



Random Number Generator (or simply RNG) games are a genre of ROBLOX games where players must press a “Roll” button, and hence the title, there is a chance where that player either gets the most common item (which is meant to be the most undesirable), the most uncommon (which is meant to be the most desirable), or anything in between. One of the first RNG-based games on the platform is Sol’s RNG, which popularized the genre.

RNG-based games are criticized by some people in the community, most notably for having gambling elements, and for a variety of other reasons listed below.

Why They Suck

  1. Style-Over-Substance: These games don’t really classify as games, as there is almost nothing to do in them besides rolling an imaginary dice and praying to the gods that you obtain an uncommon item, as well as hoping to be at the top of the leaderboard by having the most rolls. The main reason why these games are popular is because they typically have colorful graphics and flashy UI design, but most importantly how tempting they are due to the most uncommon items looking shiny and well-made, therefore tempting many people into playing them, mainly younger audiences. However, in terms of actual gameplay, the majority of these games have no difference whatsoever, and you’ll more than likely come across another player who is standing still (aka AFK-farming). The “games” are also probably the reason why games on Roblox are officially renamed “Experiences”.
  2. They are grindy and make you overly rely on luck, as they are almost based on Loot-Boxes. As mentioned earlier, you must press a “Roll” button, and then the button itself determines what item you obtain, as well as showing you how common or uncommon that item is, and some players will be tempted to keep rolling until they get a desirable item.
  3. Similar to Roblox Simulator games, these games can be seen as having predatory tactics, as they often attract younger players and people with gambling addictions, and what makes the latter even worse is that said people tend to consider these games to be the cure of their addictions, and the reasons are usually either because these games are on Roblox, and therefore require Robux instead of real money to be traded, or because they are suitable alternatives if their country doesn’t allow real gambling. However, Robux is a Roblox currency that is most easily obtained by paying for it with real-life money. In summary, these “games” are slot machines designed for minors disguised as games.
  4. The community is insufferable. If you try to criticize an RNG-based game, someone will usually respond with either “You’re just mad that you don’t have (certain item)”, “It’s a popular game”, or the like, rather than actually having valid counter-arguments on why the games should be respected. Just because the game is popular, doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to like that game too. Though, the main factor for this is because RNG games are well-received by many younger players.
  5. To pick up on WTS#3, some of these games are stuffed with overpriced microtransactions, making them even worse than they already are. For example, if you want to have an extra spin, you’ll have to pay money to get one. One game worth noting of using this practice is Anime Roulette, which is pretty much the same as Sol’s RNG, but with more microtransactions for minimal rewards (e.g. cosmetics), in order to exploit Anime fans. What is the point of repeatedly rolling to obtain an aura when you can pay Robux for it? Although, it’s highly recommended that you shouldn’t do either.
    • Even the RNG games that don’t abuse microtransactions still exploit off the Premium Payouts, which is a system that gives developers money if the players play the games made by them, even if the players don’t even move.
  6. They are a huge slap in the face to developers who actually put effort into their games, as many of these games make their way onto ROBLOX’s front page whereas many games which are original and have actual gameplay are left high and dry.
  7. Some of these games have an “Auto-Roll” button, which is a button that, you guessed it, rolls a dice by itself instead of you having the trouble of rolling the dice yourself, but this means you can just have your device have the game on while you could be doing something else, and the dice is still being rolled, making the gameplay even more lackluster than it already is.
  8. Some of these games’ developers even go as far as slapping an AI-generated thumbnail onto them, rather than actually putting in work to make their own. It’s obvious to tell if a thumbnail was generated using AI judging by the artstyle.
  9. The maps in some of these games are recycled from the classic Roblox era, such as Crossroads and the map from SFOTH, and they have no changes in the slightest. In fact, a noteworthy example is Hade’s RNG, which uses the Crossroads map, but you can’t even climb ladders in it since they clash with your running animation, and therefore certain areas are inaccessible, and the ladders could’ve even been redesigned to fix this problem.
  10. Certain games of this genre are frequently updated, therefore giving people a reason to keep playing the game and grinding to get that update, but the update is usually just another fancy cosmetic, making it clearer to tell the developers are using predatory tactics.
  11. The Roblox moderation does nothing to stop the games from flooding the front page nor does Roblox give you the option to not see them probably due to the fact they give the moderators money. However, many players are given the short end of the stick if they want to see games of other genres.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The auras themselves look really nice and well-animated, almost comparable to something you’d see out of a CGI cutscene. However, they’re not worth grinding or paying for, since they are for cosmetics only.
  2. In some of these games, the maps aren’t too badly designed. For example, in Sol’s RNG, the trees are given smooth animations.
  3. At least certain RNG games have the decency to have some gameplay elements rather than completely promote AFK-farming. For example, in Hade’s RNG (despite its flaws), you can fight other people rather than simply rolling an imaginary dice the whole time.


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