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The Roblox forums were a sub-site that contained social posts and announcements that users can create on specified threads. Sadly, due to the community of Roblox, it was infamous for its toxicity which would led to it's inevitable closure in late 2017.

Why They Sucked

  1. The forums were a hotspot for toxic activity. The worst of Roblox users posted there almost without consequence. Lots of spam, flame wars, troll threads, raids and even political threads were made.
  2. There wasn't much control on the forums which would explain the rampant abuse. Its not very often that spam threads get deleted immedietally. The only time the forums were actually in control were when Quackityhq raided the forums while live streaming.
    • One time a throwaway account created a post that had a link that redirect to an illegal site (that we cannot specifically mention the material). That post was on the top and stayed for 30 minutes before being taken down.
    • Rarely anyone gets punished for their actions which gives the moderation a negative view for failing to stop the behaviour. Many other game forums would never tolerate such toxicity and would remove such posts.
    • Dummy accounts were often made which made moderation much harder.
  3. Many threads were derailed of the intended purpose. Offtopic, Roblox talk and Let's make a deal were the most affected threads. Most of the sub-forums were rarely taken seriously.
  4. The community was prone to flamewars and would easily reply back to their aggressors which was how most threads get derailed.
  5. It was almost impossible to maintain some civil behaviour in the posts as toxic users would ignore warnings or pleas and keep posting.


On 4th of December 2017, the forums were announced to be closed due to heavy amounts of abuse and wasn't moderated well. Roblox announced in the post that they would be seeking to create an alternative forums and do encourage the community to use their group page as an alternative. They were officially shut down 7 days after the announcement. Currently the only official alternative of the forums are the Developer Forums which is more civil and successful, but it is geared towards developers rather than the community.


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