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Simulators are a type of Roblox games (with a concept similar to Cookie Clicker, Adventure Capitalist and/or Adventure Communism), in which it requires the player to click something, etc., to where you are given a certain task, and you must repeat that one task over and over, until you manage to become better enough at it than everyone else in the server. They are criticized for the reasons below.

Example of Simulator Games

  • Snow Shoveling Simulator
  • Bee Swarm Simulator (one of the better ones)
  • Destruction Simulator
  • Mining Simulator
  • Weight Lifting Simulators 1/2
  • Egg Farm Simulator
  • Dinosaur Simulator
  • Eating Simulator
  • Vehicle Simulator
  • Bubble Gum Simulator
  • Saber Simulator
  • Tower Defense Simulator
  • 3-2-1 Blast Off Simulator
  • Tapping Legends (its gameplay is similar to simulators)
  • War Simulator
  • Billionare Simulator
  • Ghost Simulator
  • Unboxing Simulator
  • Slashing Legends (its gameplay is similar to simulator)
  • Coffee Simulator
  • Rebirth Simulator
  • Coder Simulator
  • Anime Fighting Simulator
  • Clicker Story (its gameplay is similar to simulators)
  • Lifting Simulator

Why Most Of Them Suck

  1. They are the epitome of generic, from the gameplay to the name of the game. Especially what Onett said, the creator of Bee Swarm Simulator, every simulator game is alike, rushed.
  2. These games are (or can be) boring and very repetitive. All you have to do in the entire objective of the game is "Click a couple of times, sell, kill, repeat" over, and over, and over again until you're finally better than everyone else in the server.
    1. Granted, some games can give you some quests to do, but once you complete all of them, you have to wait.
  3. These games are filled to the brim with microtransactions (such as some eggs being purchased with Robux) and gamepasses, making them shovelware.
    1. Speaking of the gamepasses, they tend to range to:
      1. Doubled currency (either normal one like money, or premium/special currency such as gems, tokens)
      2. Pet capacity
      3. Special pets or units that either are obtained at an higher rank, or not at all (ex. Tower Defense Simulator's Turret, which is unlocked at a later level, or Bee Swarm Simulator's Bear Bee, which requires the gamepass)
      4. Backpacks with infinite storage
      5. Weapons that are very strong
      6. Doubled stats
      7. Being able to hatch three eggs at once
      8. Being able to open eggs automatically, until there's no space
      9. Faster movement
      10. VIP or other ranks
  4. Some concepts are a bit tough for kids, like Eating Simulator and Weight Lifting Simulator.
  5. Some simulators has special currency that can be difficult to obtain.
    1. Clicker Story has tokens, which cannot be obtained outside from defeating bosses. Considering that bosses gains more HP upon death, and that you have a 10 minutes time limit, it's quite hard to progress, unless you upgrade the damage output.
  6. In the games that you are allowed to kill each other (such as Weight Lifting Simulator or Eating Simulator) you will often times get camped when you first join by kids who've been just clicking over and over on the servers for five hours, and there is absolutely no way you are able to defend yourself against those players. Even worse, there's the chance that you don't get a safe area.
  7. They are impossible to complete normally, as some of these games would require you to play for a month just to get the best gear, and lets not mention the ones where you have to prestige just to continue after gaining hundreds of thousands of in-game currency. (Treasure-Hunting Simulator, Money-Grabbing Simulator, Wood-Chopping Simulator, etc.)
  8. Some of the simulators either has stuff that are way too expensive at start (requiring a pet), items that doesn't have much power to justify their price, doesn't give a permanent boost on the server, has weird pricing, has errors with some parts, or requires way much upgraded jumps to reach a point (or even a rank up).
    1. A glaring example is Coffee Simulator. To sum up the problems:
      1. The coffees, despite beginning to increase in price from island to island, doesn't feel very powerful (unless you get a pet).
        • It's worth mentioning that Coffee Simulator doesn't have permanent boosts, unlike other simulators such as Ninja Legends.
      2. To be able to get a pet, you're forced to grind a lot, unless you get the pets from the "Teex" and "Guga" codes.
        • The common pet costing 15k doesn't help either.
      3. Instead of being at the start, the group chest is placed in an island that requires the player to get more jumps, which makes no sense.
      4. One part to reach the corrupted islands has clouds way too far, requiring you to get the 30th jump.
        • What's also unfair, is that the developer either placed accidentally or intentionally the 28th jump's price at 8.9 Qn, which is very difficult to obtain without stronger pets and at least an aura.
    2. Boxing Simulator doesn't have currency suffixes, which means that the player is left with no clue on how much he has.
    3. Gladiator Simulator has some problems as well:
      1. The quests doesn't usually work, as reaching the requirement doesn't make them completed (forcing the player to skip)
      2. The invisible walls aren't placed well, to the point that It's possible to GO ON THE VIP AREA AND TAKE THE CHEST.
      3. For some reason, the last two islands has framerate issues when going near the eggs that hosts.
      4. Somehow, firing your power on a locked area that can be purchased triggers the island purchase selection, which shouldn't be possible.
  9. They are badly overrated. Usually when a new simulator game comes out, it doesn't usually beat the popular game of the moment (such as Jailbreak, Arsenal, Mad City or Adopt Me).
  10. Certain games has areas that requires an amount of stats to even train there.
    • An example is a meteor in Anime Fighting Simulator, which requires at least 1M on strenght to be able to increase that stat more.
  11. Most of these games aren't actual simulators because of how highly unrealistic they are.
    • An example is Ice Cream Simulator, where eating ice cream makes the ice cream appear.
  12. The gameplay tend to be generic, consisting of a player to do one repetitive thing, like clicking, digging, etc.
  13. Some people rebirth and troll new players by looking weak, then killing everyone.
  14. There is absolutely nothing fun about most of them.
  15. Most of them feels the same, and tends to take concepts from other simulators (such as the DNA) or have similar UI.
  16. One certain one of these promoted advertising their game to get free pets.
  17. After you are leveled up to the maximum, there is either very little or even flat out nothing to do, until the next update (unless you stockpile currency for the next chest/egg/backpack/DNA/weapon).
  18. Some of the simulators are just plain weird. It's possible to find weird simulators like "Height Simulator", "Age Simulator", "Soda Drinking Simulator", "Fedora Lifting Simulator", or even a "Divorce Simulator."
    • YouTuber AlbertsStuff (aka Flamingo) once made fun of this nonsense, by comically making a "Die-of-Thirst Simulator".
  19. Some of the simulators are also related to fetishes, such as "Eating Simulator" or "Fart Simulator".
  20. These games also promote underage gambling by getting pets, most of which are heavily RNG-based.
    • While is true that some simulators lists the chance of obtaining the pets, said chances can be extremely low (ex. Tapping Legends's exotic pets, which are placed into a 000.5% chance of obtaining).
    • Not only that, but some pets are event related, meaning that you cannot obtain them anymore, should said event end.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of these games can actually be pretty good like Destruction Simulator, Classic Sonic Simulator, Bee Swarm Simulator, Pilot Traning Flight Simulator, Saber Simulator, Ninja Legends, Tower Defense Simulator, and Car Crushers and its sequel.
  2. The thumbnails of most games look very nice and not generic, unlike Cafe and Fashion Games.
  3. Some of these games features additional content, such as quests, events, bosses, rebirth system, karma system, crafting, and/or much more.
  4. Younger kids can enjoy these.
  5. While most of them can be boring, they has a chance to help you pass the time.
  6. Sometimes, the developers will give a boost of currency for every servers, allowing the players to rank up more quickly.
  7. Some games allows you to improve your pets, increasing their efficiency.
  8. Most games doesn't remove pets upon rebirthing or ranking up, which can make things more easier.
  9. Most of the games can offer codes for currency or boosts to improve certain stats.
  10. No free models since everything is custom made with the exception of the music in some games.
  11. Although Game Dev Simulator has a prestige option, you can still keep everything you bought.
  12. Some of these games, such as Coder Simulator, will continue.



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