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Template:Game Info Box Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system. Over the years, several other websites have ripped off the site. A lot of them were created in 2012 in which the Roblox clone genre was started by Issac Hymer with World war 3 wide. They are meant to be similar to the older Roblox game clients specifically from 2010-2011. Unsurprisingly, these sites often shut down and had their source code leaked. A repository of leaked source code for Roblox clones is available online resulting in other players making their own version of the Roblox clone.[1]

Why They Suck

  1. The clones generally use elements from Roblox like the avatar design and the game’s look as well (bricks, accessories, etc). Many websites also copy the layout and interface of Roblox as well.
    • When Brick Hill recreated Roblox's Blue Bubble Trouble in 2018, spacebuilder lied to people and said he never knew what it was yet it clearly looks similar to the accessory it replicated.[2][3]
      • Brick Hill later added a item named Impostor Head in 2021 with the description being “There is one Robloxian among us”. This meant that they’re also being aware of knocking off Roblox.[4]
    • Brick Hill's new shop page will only allow you to check the cheapest items from Bucks (the premium currency). Said currency can’t be obtained easily without paying for it with real money.
  2. Lots of the management for the site is really bad:
    1. The websites are mostly filled with minors lying about their age just to get privileges on the websites and many of the underaged moderators ban users without warning or explaining what they did to get banned while removing the player's username despite it not being inappropriate.[5]
    2. There are lots of pornographic content despite these sites usually having a large amount of minors that’ll be concerned over it too.
    3. Brick Hill moderator Spookyasin (now known as Yasin) admitted to being underaged since he’s 14 despite Brick Hill saying you need to be 16+ to apply as a moderator. When he got caught by one user he banned him without warning and never explained how he got banned. He later resigned in 2022 due to knowing that SpaceBuilder was a pedophile.[6]
    4. Brick Hill also has a problem with trolls. An example is “tetrio” who spammed pornographic content onto the forums of that game.
    5. Inappropriate avatars are also common like Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and naked avatars.
      • Also, inappropriate items are on the site as well. One of the items on Brick Hill named "FireCatMagic's Cats" displayed 2 cats having sex (If you can tell by the positions that the cats are in).[7]
    6. Some of them are also hypocrites. In Brick Hill's blog post about updating the TOS they said they will ban people who are pedophiles yet the CEO of Brick Hill is one since he asked a 14 year old (an actual minor) to send them naked pictures and he even targeted a 16 year old as well.
      • Also, Brick Hill claimed they will remove plagiarized, stolen and copyrighted content yet they did the act of plagiarism as well especially for copying Roblox’s elements.
  3. These clones are usually filled with microtransactions as well.
  4. They copied the Builder's Club membership too (a former Roblox feature before being revamped to Premium). It may not seem like it, but it still feels like it.
  5. Some of these clones have loot boxes in them. Such as BrickPlanet in order to get a limited item you’ll have to spend money to get a loot box.
  6. Some of these websites encourage gambling as well. Brick Hill has a lottery system that is only available for membership users.
  7. Many of the items on these sites are very overpriced and require lots of bucks to be obtained. The most infamous examples are from Brick Hill:
    1. One of the faces titled “Epic Face” was originally sold for 9001 Bits and 900 Bucks (Around $10) but the price suddenly switched to just Bucks and now costs $90 to be obtained.
    2. One of the heads called Noodle Head costs around 12,000 Bucks. Such an amount needs $120 to be obtained.
    3. If you want a custom item on Brick Hill you must buy a item called "Homemade Present of Creative Endeavors" (An item that costs $200 to obtain) during Christmas. You would rather make your own instead. Depending on how many people buy the gift the more custom items you get for free after buying the gift.
      • And also it's a gamble to buy the gift, as most of the items inside the gift tend to be lazily made.
  8. Some of these sites make profit off of people's passing too. Brick Hill made a fedora that was supposed to memorize Brick-Luke, the CEO of the site. Instead of the item being out for a limited time for free it was a limited item that is now currently selling for 2K Bucks (costing $20 in real world currency).[8]
  9. Many of them lack a game client and are quite boring as well since most of what you do is chatting on forums. This defeats the purpose of an "online sandbox game".
    • Some of the clients are also poorly made and also poorly optimized as well. Brick Hill's client is an example of this since it uses Game Maker as the engine.
  10. Many of these Roblox clones have an anti-adblock detection (Brick Hill is one example) and that’ll no longer give you free currency if you have it on.[9]
  11. Some of these clones have malware in them too:
    1. Finobe: The anti-cheat is the Memz Trojan that overwrites the Boot Record. Due to many complaints the anti-cheat was fortunately removed.
    2. Cubash: Back when it was Graphictoria it's client would ask the user to allow the firewall. If they clicked allow, their IP address would be taken to a private Discord server so the creator of the game would DDOS them. Disabling it the client will still work fine however.
    3. Speaking of what was said, many of the clients hosted on these sites have IP grabbers as well.
  12. Many of these Roblox clones have events that are now considered to be late depending on the holiday. In 2022, Brick Hill hosted a Egg Hunt event in May 15th in which was already a month late and also way too late for a Easter event.
    • In fact, the event only has around 141 players playing the event. This meant that the whole event failed since only 0.01% of the players even came back. Also due to the fact that the game still uses a poorly-made client from 4 years ago, their servers are too slow to handle the game. This caused the game to disconnect very frequently.
    • As for the 2022 Brick Hill Egg Hunt, they plan to make a Part 2 of the event in August. That’s way too late for a Easter event and this time it’s been 3-4 months since it was made.
    • Not only that but they even ripped off the idea of Egg Launchers from Roblox's Egg Hunt events.
  13. Most of the communities in the clones and revivals are terrible consisting of racists, pedophiles, and many other criminals on the websites.
    • The community also make fake/alts/throwaway accounts just to boost the player count. Brick Hill notably has over 890,000+ inactive accounts that weren’t deleted.
    • Even the Brick Hill CEO Spacebuilder got doxed by his own community for hosting a Roblox clone website.
    • Additionally, the BH community is known to falsely accuse users of doing serious things that they didn't do at all.
  14. Brick Hill had a history for their users being exposed for pedophilic acts and having illegal material as well. While some got banned, some of them got away with their actions and are still on the website today. Here are some examples:
    1. One user named “ratatooie” sexually harassed a minor who was 13 at the time. He is currently still on the website to this very day despite the fact he’s still a pedophile today.
    2. Mah_Bucket was also a Brick Saint on Brick Hill (who was also a developer on Roblox too) and was later exposed for his pedophilic behavior. His Brick Hill account was banned as a result of this.[10]
    3. One of the Brick Hill donators named Draco admitted to sending child pornography to a Discord server. Unsurprisingly, he was also banned.
  15. Many of the owners of these sites are criminals and in general are also bad people:
    1. Spacebuilder was exposed for being racist, being a pedophile and also for sending his players to hack a competitor website.[11][12]
      • Once he was exposed on April 16 the site's forums were disabled due to people calling out Spacebuilder for being a pedophile.
      • He went as far as to threaten the person and was extremely rude to the user who made the document exposing him for doing the pedophilic acts. In fact, this became such an issue that they had to change the document to an apology.
      • Also during that time, they even demoted all of the admins on Brick Hill. On April 20 however, they were promoted back.
        • Nowadays they’re censoring people for exposing the truth about Space being a pedophile by terminating people's accounts that post the truth about it.
        • Spacebuilder's response was very poor. He blamed the victims and also his former developer Ezcha for allegedly doing it yet Spacebuilder was the one who actually did all of this.
          • Despite the response being very poorly done with blaming Ezcha for his wrongdoings the players and moderators ended up believing Spacebuilder and ignored the incident like it never happened.
      • He later did this again on October 27, 2022 but this time the target was a 16 year old in which he flew from the UK to Ohio to see her. In which he tried to make love with her, he was 21 at the time. He was later caught and arrested, in which resulted in Brick Hill to close down their forums, messaging, and comments section temporarily. As a result of this, Brick Hill players have moved to other sites or moved back to Roblox altogether.[13]
      • As a result of the October 2022 incident, his Roblox accounts were terminated as well.
    2. Isaac Hymer (the owner of BrickPlanet) was exposed for being a part of the 2012 April Fools hack on Roblox scamming people's money with his Roblox clones. In fact, he has been doing this for an entire decade since 2012.
      • On November 2022, he brought back BrickPlanet. But this time, the premium currency and membership can only be bought with Cryptocurrency, with the page claiming "PayPal will return at a later date." which was later removed a couple months later, which is clearly a scam and a way for Isaac to keep the money. As Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible.
      • Also when he brings back BrickPlanet, he will remove most of the features off of the site and wipe the database of the players just so he can earn more money, and make players think that the site is "new".
        • Additionally, he would claim these BrickPlanet updates are "new" yet they are the same exact features from his old site in which they are just restored. Especially since the website layout is clearly the same as the old BrickPlanet from 2018/2019.
  16. Many of them tend to have invite keys in them. This resulted in players being unable to register for a account unless they got a invite key from their friend, these ones do not last long because the owners will later disown the site for being inactive when it's actually their fault for adding that system to prevent people from actually joining the game.
  17. Some CEOs are usually doing this just for money but didn’t last long. Many of them are scams too, notably Isaac Hymer who did the Exit Scam multiple times.
    • Isaac Hymer has been doing this for a entire decade too, 2012 as well. He made these types of clones to make money off of it and then shut them down once they got successful.
  18. Many of the websites require you to verify your email and join their Discord server in order to play the games.
  19. Many of the names are as generic as can be. Some just have the words “brick”, “block” and “blox” with a positive word in their name.
  20. Like Club Penguin Online, it allows mature content on a game specifically meant for younger generations that Roblox strictly forbids.
    • These sites make the excuse that they’re "for 13+ users only" despite the game the sites are replicating have some younger generations too.
    • Some sites are secure for every age, some aren't. The issue is that the under 13 users do not get banned, so clearly they do not care. Brick-hill is an example of it.
  21. The developers themselves do not take criticism: When a user criticized one of the websites for getting worse by making expensive items, bad moderation and so on, they terminated his account for doing so.
  22. Sometimes, Roblox clones can have awful trailers which sometimes show their poor quality. A good example of this is Brick-Valley's trailer, which has one half of the trailer being game footage from Roblox, and the other half of the trailer being staff team credits.

Examples of bad or average clones/revivals


  1. Austiblox is a Roblox revival.[14]
  2. Avasquare was a website[15] that was shut down due to the owner doxing a 13 year old


  1. BLDN-Hill was a website that shut down for unknown reasons, but it is speculated that it's a lukepost.[16]
  2. Block-Lands was a website[17] that was replaced with a forum for an unknown reason.[17]
  3. BlocksHub was a website[18] that shut down due to a lack of interest. It was formerly known as Hindi Gamer Club.
  4. BloxCity was a website[19] that also shut down for unknown reasons. A 2019 version of the website revived.
  5. Bloxtora was another website[20] that shutdown due to disagreement with the co-owners.
  6. Brickadia[21]
  7. Brick Hill[22] was a website that also shut down due for inactivity and staffs leaving. the domain still yet owned but the site died by unknown reasons.
  8. Brickistic[23]
  9. BrickPlanet is a site on a roadmap.[24] It was formerly known as BloxCity, World2Build and Social-Paradise. Two revival sites were made under the former two's names respectively. The site was shutdown multiple times and it was revived now. Users are losing hope in it though.
  10. Brickorzo is a public beta website.[25]
  11. Bricknem is an upcoming website.[26]
  12. BrickUniverse[27]
  13. Bounciad[28]
  14. Buildaverse is a website that is currently on a roadmap.[29]
  15. Brickverse is a website currently in development.[30]
  16. Brick-Valley is a website that's currently in development.[31]
  17. Bloxoria 2D is a website currently in development. [32]
  18. Bloxoria is a website currently in development. [33]
  19. Brickarcadium[34]


  1. Claydek also shut down for unknown reasons [35] but is coming back later on.
  2. Calvy was a roblox revival that used 2016 source code and the site shutdown due for the community had neo-nazis and racist admins. in June 23th 2022, they restored the site, but 3 days later shutdown and wiped all the users. nonamebody12 decided to return once again in the January of 2023 but gave up for restoring. Discord server and site went deleted. (old site) [1] (new site) [2]
  3. Cubash. In the past they've shutdown but now they're back.[36]
  4. CubeBrick may have shutdown for an incident. More information on their Twitter.
  5. Crapblox. Originally, Crapblox was a revival that was based on the 2014 client, later they shut down and was reused as a testing site for the Tadah/Kapish 2016 client. When Kapish shut down, Crapblox was already reopened and gained more popularity. It later got shut down because the owner didn't like to run it anymore.
  6. Cubern. New promising sandbox with an upcoming client, it aims to be better than other sandboxes.


  1. Dynamica was a website[37] that shut down due to lack of security.


1. Economy-Simulator was a roblox 2016 revival which got shutdown for terrible moderation


  1. Finobe[38] was a Roblox revival with microtransactions included. It shut down due to Roblox's lawsuit. We are not sure if it was real or not. In 2017 Finobe staff members made a documentary about Graphictoria which accused EnergyCell (who was 16 at the time) of pedophilia and accused Graphictoria of being malware.[39]


  1. GoodBlox was a website[40] that temporarily shut down due to the IP grabbing incident[40] though it may be kept in an archive.[40]
  2. Graphictoria is a Roblox revival that has similiar layout to Cubash.


  1. Implorium originally was a Roblox clone[41] but turned into an indie game library later on. 2. idk16 is Finobe but rebranded


  1. Kaplash is a website that is currently under construction.[42]


  1. Limbo is a website that have the 2016 and 2018 clients. as known testblox in 2022. Limbo have 2 dead domains, [3] and [4]. Today the site is that got a bad reputation of the domain name [5]


  1. Mopaiv was a site. It has been shutdown for unknown reasons.[43]


  1. Novius also shut down unknowingly too.
  2. Novetus is an old Roblox revival that can be also used to make your own.[44]


  1. Polytoria (needs more notes)[45]
  2. Planetarium currently shut down [46] but is planning on returning.
  3. PlanetRune is a website[47] formerly known as Uxhill.
  4. Project Polygon was a Roblox revival that shut down due to being poorly written.


  1. QPlanet is a website[48] formerly known as Unitorium.


  1. Roblonium "is" a website, but we've not seen anymore work on it.[49]
  2. Reworld (needs more notes and a reference).
  3. Rainway "is" an old roblox revival which was known for it's ridiculously slow website and incredibly horrible admin and mod panel. It was shut down and renamed to Citron, but then it was reopened as Rainway, only to shut down again later, but has a planned return in the future. Now they're developing a new 2010 client.[50]


  1. Shklurb Is a roblox 2018L revival. [51]


  1. Tadah was a Roblox revival with microtransactions included. Some staff members such as Carrot, taskmanager, and hitius, have been known to do very crude things such as doxxing, ratting and abuse admin powers. It's also known that Carrot accused Graphictoria of deleting malwarebytes in 2017. Some of Tadah's staff members are also in a group named "J Gang", and most Roblox revivals by J Gang have shut down, These revivals are named Project Polygon, Krypton and Mercury. Some of Tadah staff members and kinery are obsessed with XlXi, the current owner of another Roblox revival named Graphictoria, to the point they made a page mocking him. [52][53] Site was later rebranded to Kapish, and will shutdown on March 7, 2023. (whoever wrote this one had a lot of hatred for the staff LOL)


  1. Unitorium is a website[54] formerly known as TixBux and EpicClub Rebooted.


  1. Vetatorium is currently under construction.[50]
  2. Vistora is another example of a site that shut down for unknown reasons.[55]
  3. Vixlatio[56]
  4. Virto![57]


  1. WorldToBuild[58]
  2. Wobrix was a site. It has been shutdown due to a lot of hate. It may be coming back in an archive.[59]


  1. Yumake is a sandbox game that contains both a story and games. Unfortunately every server invite has been wiped out and it's now impossible to create invites.

Praise and criticism

Many of these sites usually get positive feedback from users because of the nostalgia although some of them are negatively criticized for having malware in their clients, having poor moderation and for abusing microtransactions.


  • When Roblox had a server outage on October 29, 2021, Brick Hill (a Roblox clone) advertised their game on Roblox's Twitter, getting more attention from people and also reaching more than 500 players online in one game for the first time. This will probably never be seen again, as the game is slowly dying.[60]



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