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"BrO gEt ThIs ViDeO oFfLiNe YoU pIeCe Of TrAsH!!!"

Ryan Dodge is a Roblox Youtube Channel who joined on Oct 5, 2016, and has 46 Subscribers. He has Roblox account username Explorersnipe

Why He's Garbage

  1. He cannot take criticism as he attacks anyone who criticized him.
  2. There is proof that he engages in intimidating behavior or harassment, but is doing an atrocious attempt at it.
    • He makes fun of depression.
    • He rudely threatened users such as Nguyễn Trí Nguyên 2018 to harass him because he hates users that he likes, which proves he can't handle opinions.
    • He does that to manipulate people such as Ren The Anti Crybaby into whiteknighting him and bandwagoning on his opinions.
    • He bashes opinions on users that he likes.
    • He and Ren The Anti Crybaby are giving Nguyễn Trí Nguyên 2018 "toxic hatebase" because of Nguyễn Trí Nguyên likes or hates some Roblox Users for valid reasons and how they are against his good things.
    • He sends death threats to anyone who hates him.
  3. He often pulls the victim cards whenever someone jokes around with him.
  4. He rages in all caps which makes him immature.
  5. There are also false pieces of information he made, such as:
    • Nguyễn Trí Nguyên hates some Roblox Users.
    • He tries to be edgy, but fails at it.
    • He thinks "Hacking is just making fun in the game on the other way". Aside from Hackers are Exploiters while they have some chances to get banned.
  6. He makes clickbait videos.
  7. He is a hypocrite as he exposes anyone can't handle differing opinions, yet he can't handle different opinions either.
  8. He's a spoiled brat as he forces anyone to join his group non-stop
    • When you refuse to join his group, he can send death threats to you.
  9. He helps olibolen to exploit his favorite games such as Anime Fighting Simulator which they have some chances to get banned.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. He does at least have a point about Lisa Gaming ROBLOX being bad.


  • He has only 1 alternative Roblox account that he made and he admitted it on this video.




9 months ago
Score 2
Lesson of the day: Never harass underage users.


4 months ago
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Better than LisaGaming, but I'm neutral to this user


2 months ago
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2 months ago
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Anonymous user #1

19 days ago
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He’s as bad as “Ryan’s” toy review!

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