Shouting Simulator 2

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Shouting Simulator 2
what you get if you combine a simulator game and a greedy robloxian.
Genre: Comedy
Platforms: PC/ Mac
Created: 9/22/2018
Creator: br_cks

Why It REALLY sucks

  1. its only exists so it can make robux.
  2. the leaderboard is broken and barley works at all,sometimes does not work for a whole day!
  3. the final shout takes over 1 day of afk autoclicking to get without spending robux,,why man?
  4. It's similar to most simulators, where you have to do something tedious and repetition for hours in order to be good at the game
  5. having the best shout or being on the leaderboard will cause you to be spammed with messages by random kids.
  6. the "Hidden" badge is so easy that it shouldnt be considered "Hidden"
  7. it is impossible to pass the #1 player due to how much "Double your points" he buys. which makes the game unfair.
  8. there are barley any updates,nothing new gets added,the only time this game gets updated is if a shout is removed.
  9. This game has a lot of clones that are just like it,also made for the same reason of making robux.
  10. there are badges for unlocking specific shouts,which is pointless.
  11. there are too many loud shouts and it forces you to turn down the volume.
  12. just like 11,there is a megahorn which blasts the shout you equipped,making loud shouts even more louder,also forcing you to turn down your volume.
  13. there is a car in the title screen that is smaller then a robloxian, thats not how it works you know.
  14. there is a toy train at the giant tree ingame,which is useless and does not do anything.
  15. you can glitch into little areas SO EASILY. if you just run into a wall you can clip into a area.
  16. if you get enough points,,you become big,which is a pointless addition.
  17. speaking of turning big,when you get big it prevents you from being able to get to cool areas
  18. The game is way too overrated, considering the fact that it's just a cash grab.
  19. as you just hear the same "Dead meme" a bunch of times,it gets annoying quickly
  20. doubling your points is super expensive,and sometimes a scam if the quick money things (which are very cheap somehow) give more money.
  21. in the title screen,there are noobs with horns,why cant we get those?
  22. when the description says scream at the top of your lungs and bring yourself to the top of the leaderboard at the same time,that will never happen,it would takes centuries to get to even 10 without spending any robux.
  23. the game is made entirely in free models. every single bit of the game.
  24. the 'Do the roar' shout is broken and it does not show you getting any points
  25. the Click to shout button spins when you shout,which is a pointless addition
  26. some of the shouts are dead or are not funny anymore.

The only redeeming quality

  1. the map is decent,even though its made of free models.