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Skywars is a game made by 16bitplaygames.

Toxic Player's Battleground
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: PC/ Mac
Created: 6/5/2017
Creator: 16bitplaygames

Why It Garbage

  1. Using armor will have the *pros* call you an armor user and will proceed to call you bad at the game.
  2. Almost everybody is a teamer, About 1/3 servers have at least 1 teamer.
  3. Hackers are in the game, and beating them is a pain.
  4. Most items in-game are quite expensive.
  5. If you kill a *pro*, the pro will go tryhard on you and attempt to do anything they can to kill you.
  6. The only way to possibly win in almost any server is with the obsidian pack.
  7. If you die to a fall, *pros* will call you a Noob or a Sucker.
  8. the obsidian pickaxe is too powerfull, and can be abused with an autoclicker.
  9. Very repetetive after some time. all you do is go to other players bases, fight them, and repeat.
  10. The Xmas pack does not look good.
  11. The codes are impossible to guess and force you to look it up.
  12. All the things you buy in game, *like potions, a new sword,etc* only last until you leave the game, they are not worth it and you should just buy the gamepass.
  13. Winning a game only gives you 100 coins, which can buy nothing but a new block.
  14. You get 20 coins for killing a player. which is not enough.
  15. The people who dance on you when they kill you..

Redeeming qualities

  1. Its a decent game if you dont join a toxic server with teamers.
  2. it can be fun to play at times.