Super Mario Odyssey RP

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Super Mario Odyssey RP
Genre: All Genres
Platforms: PC
Created: 12/27/2017
Creator: paperluigi_fan8

Super Mario Odyssey RP is a role playing game based off of Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. While the game it was based on had positive reception, this game doesn't. It was forgotten until it appeared on Worst Games On Roblox: Episode 17 by Xenowolf.

Why It Sucks

  1. The entire game is free-modeled. Because of this, the game is just weird.
  2. Completely poor grasp of the source material. See below.
  3. The morphs are just terrible and poorly made. Aside from a few free models, many are just decals slapped onto invisible bricks which make them look extremely strange. One of the worst cases involves a decal slapped onto a invisible brick with the white background of the decal still being present.
  4. You can't even throw Cappy as Mario despite being one of the most important mechanics in the game, because there's no script in-game.
    • However, it is possible to script such a mechanic, although you would most likely end up throwing your head instead of individual hats.
  5. The kingdoms are super close to each other, instead of having to use the Odyssey to fly to each kingdom.
  6. The kingdoms look terrible unlike the game, especially Cascade which is just a poorly made desert area with two pyramids. Or the Metro which is just an empty free-modeled city that has nothing to do in.
  7. No NPCs are present. Most RP games have NPCs to interact with.
  8. There is a military-themed kingdom, which is not a kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey.
  9. The game is most likely not even finished, and it shows.
  10. When you join the game, "Jump Up, Super Star!" plays very loudly and can startle you.
  11. Bland and unoriginal graphics even for Roblox standards.
  12. Plastic board controls, even for a Roblox game.
  13. This game was so bad, that it became a forgotten Roblox game for non-Xenowolf fans.
  14. One of the most recent updates for this is an Avengers Infinity War event. Since when did Marvel characters become associated with Nintendo's game franchises? Out of all the places there could have been a Avengers Infinity War event, why would it be in a Super Mario themed game?
  15. The Infinity stone gears are useless.
  16. The Infinity Gauntlet Dab gear kills you upon using it.
  17. Speaking of the Dab gear, the game is trying to be hip and edgy. However, it falls flat.
  18. A pointless Race Track is in game since it is not near the Metro Kingdom.
  19. There is also another Mario Odyssey RP game, which is worse than this game.
  20. An insane amount of glitches just like every other Roblox game ever made.
  21. It didn't get banned unlike better Nintendo-themed games which had to change or get deleted entirely.

The ONLY Redeeming Quality

  1. It is so stupid, that can funny depending on your point view.


Super Mario Odyssey RP was universally panned by players and Mario fans thanks to the overused of free models, loud music, lazy morphs, and even a military kingdom. As of late 2017, the like-dislike ratio shows that the game has more dislikes than likes.


  • On December 23, 2017, it appeared on Worst Games On Roblox (Episode 17) by Xenowolf and was nominated for a Roblox Razzy award for most free-modeled game. However, it lost to the clickbait game called "SLIDE 999999999999 MILES TO WINNERS."



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4 months ago
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Nintendo should have copyrighted this instead of good games like brick bronze


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This game is closed for unknown reasons

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one month ago
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Good thing it got closed

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