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This dude is more selfish than Tonmarutchi even on the worst days!
Gender: Male
Type: Cyberbully, Racist, Doxxer and scammer
Date Joined: April 7, 2018
Status: Active

tntexplosionis321 is a roblox user who joined on April 7, 2018.

Why He's More of a Kirby Villain than a Roblox One

  1. To get the most noticeable fact out the way, he is extremely toxic and does bad deeds and gets away with them.
  2. He wishes some people to get banned.
  3. He rages in all caps which makes him immature.
  4. He cannot take criticism as he says "YOU POOP" to everyone who hates him.
  5. He is a cyberbully as he picks innocent users such as tn12348 all the time. Also, he told him to die.
  6. He forces people to have a builders club to give him Robux.
    • He also forces hackers to exploit games. Which can raise the chance of you could getting banned.
  7. He has shown extreme disrespect to his scammed victims.
  8. He thinks not letting people like something is not opinion disrespecting.
  9. He criticized tn12348 for being rude, even though he told him "GET NOOB AND YOU POOP" which makes him a hypocrite.
  10. He attempts to doxx people who call him out. Which is against Roblox's guidelines.
  11. He even sent a death threat to TheGamingBoy_336 just for joining some games which shows that he is very hostile.
  12. He takes April fools jokes way too serious, showing even further he cannot take jokes.
    • In addition, he hates people for either 2 reasons which prove he cannot take opinion and who is unable to handle hate.
  13. He treats tn12348 and TheGamingBoy_336 like they are his worse enemies. He hates them for joining random games. Which isn't a valid reason to hate someone.
  14. He's a hypocrite as he frowns upon his haters for not handle barely criticism, yet he did the same thing as well.
  15. He claims he apologized to anyone, in reality, he betrays anyone after the end of his apology.
  16. He discovered his page and wants the person who added him to kill himself in front of his family. Which isn't just cyberbullying, but is also illegal.
  17. He tries to be an edgelord, but his rudeness and just flat out mean behavior says otherwise.
  18. He would intentionally anger many users by unfairly playing games and cheating.
  19. He also spams the N-word (We can't say it because it's a slur) and he even used it against a black person.
  20. He often scams users from robux with some websites. He claims free Robux websites aren't scamming, when in reality, they do.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He does at least have a point about Online Dating in Roblox
  2. He is somewhat informative, although not that great.
  3. He has some good mature fans.
  4. He doesn't call people who dislike him an Online Dating in Roblox, unlike most of his fans.
This is proof that he discovered his page on ARGW and told someone to die over it.



Anonymous user #1

7 months ago
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Black lives matter

Anonymous user #1

3 months ago
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Uh, doesn't everyone, including this guy, do that? unless he's an alien...

Anonymous user #1

2 months ago
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Anonymous user #1

one month ago
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When I saw he was type of Doxxer and Cyberbullie(which are crimes) My mind was thinking of saying, ¨He should be arrested!!!¨

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