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I think I'll hack MEEPCITY!
Gender: Unknown
Type: A Roblox version of Kaj
Date Joined: An unknown date in January 2020
Status: Terminated

Tubers93 was a notorious group that was active in early 2020 (January - March 2020). They were infamous for exploiting a few front page games, most notably MeepCity, by adding "not-so-family-friendly" references.


The moniker was first mentioned in the 2011 YouTube video "who disliked my video," in which someone claims that it was not Tubers93 who disliked their video and thought that "[they were] amazing." It was also mentioned in another video in which it was allegedly a second account of the creator of the first video.

Tubers93 was always mistaken as a separate user according to many videos/screenshots of MeepCity being exploited.


Little Angels Daycare was the first game the group exploited. They renamed the game to "Little Devils Daycare" and painted the entire game black, gave it fog, and had fire set onto the main building. The NPC models were also renamed to "DEAD." A jumpscare of Jeff the Killer would allegedly appear in the game.

Speaking of jumpscares, the group has also exploited an unknown game by having a jumpscare of an edited image of Barack Obama.


When you would play MeepCity during the second "hacking" (March 2020), you could not leave the game and get your account hacked. This was partially debunked in Fave's video "who is tubers93?" Although players could not leave the game, their accounts would remain safe.

Players were also given extremely large amounts of coins in the game, while they were dressed up as Adolf Hitler.

List of Games They Have Exploited


  • Around early April 2020, the group made a genuine obby that actually gave out free Robux. However, it was closed as the creator said that they ran out of Robux.
  • Despite popular belief, as stated above, Tubers93 is not a user.
  • There is a Roblox group named "tubers93," but it is actually fake and not the real group itself. It is easy to tell that because one of the shouts called Tubers93 a clout chaser.
  • The group did not want to be malicious by stealing accounts, but rather wanted to get reactions out of children.
  • During the second "hacking" of MeepCity, the exploited version of the game had a sign that said "1 like = 1 hope meepcity has another sequel," which was quoted by KonekoKitten. This lead to some people blaming him for the exploiting of MeepCity.
  • Roblox's Got Talent was also exploited during that time period, but it is currently unknown if Tubers93 was at fault. It would teleport users to the Jellyfish Jam from Spongebob Squarepants.