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"Good you can improve it."
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"That's what I'm doing."
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"ExplodingTNT > Jie GamingStudio "
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posted 70 days ago

Excuse me, I like to report a case of vandalism of the article about Corl on this wiki, please.

posted 558 days ago

Hey, did you authorize a purge of popular users? It is part of roblox culture though.

posted 1047 days 16 hours 33 minutes ago

I can't post comments on articles, even if I'm autoconfirmed.

posted 1049 days 7 hours 28 minutes ago

There are too many arguments about if adopt me is good or bad, and if it is on either websites it will still cause an edit war. Don't allow it on any wiki.

posted 1126 days 13 hours 18 minutes ago

May i have permission to create pages please.

posted 1149 days 23 hours 45 minutes ago

So how is the Jailbreak page on Perfection Roblox Games doing? Plus can I help please?

posted 1155 days 10 hours 35 minutes ago

Ok thanks!

posted 1156 days 7 hours 44 minutes ago

Hey man can I create the Jailbreak page on Pefection Roblox Games Wiki please?