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Ian Brendan Anderson (formerly known as evilthunderguy1 and now known as Kazdam) is a generally accomplished user, as well as the former self-proclaimed "Myth King", a title which he used as the leader and founder of the RM Foundation. He is widely hated by The Myth Community for the following reasons below.

Why He's Garbage

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, he made several myths himself and made them popular through his group. The myths that are confirmed to be Kazdam are SubjectPyro, MartinCult, SethSmiles (despite being false), and Ulifer.
  2. He groomed 3 underage girls.
  3. He abused his girlfriend.
  4. He manipulates and lies to his audience and his friends.
  5. He's homophobic and transphobic.
  6. He defends pedophilia.
  7. Shortly after the controversy started, he made a document about his innocence in the situation. It was later deleted due to him being under fire due to out of context screenshots, lying, and manipulation caught in the document. Ian, if you want to that prove you are innocent, then stop doing all of the things mentioned above.
  8. Despite retiring as being head of the RM Foundation, he is still attempting to regain access to the group through SenseiViny.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His acting as myths are very well done and very well executed and actually pretty scary.
  2. His building and scripting are superb.
  3. Abandoned Facility is an amazing tribute to The SCP Foundation.


As mentioned above, Kazdam is heavily criticized for supposedly making several myths himself and making them popular through his group, leading to many to speculate which myths he actually is. The only myths that are confirmed of Kazdam's making is SubjectPyro, MartinCult, SethSmiIes (proven false), and Ulifer.

On 8/15/20, HallowsFog and Taphies (now BLUUDRAGE), confronted Kazdam in a group chat for his pedophilia as well as for manipulating Taphies.

The next day (8/16/20), Baron_Eros (formerly DeminishedChaos) posted a Tweet with screenshots from the group chat, with Hallows confronting Kazdam about soliciting bikini pictures from a 14 year old when he was 18 at the time. Kazdam states that this was after a bad breakup, heavy drinking problem, and that he saw no issue in the matter because Seniors and Freshman could date in real life.

Mugen brought this to 1ik, who announced the Tweet in his own server. The Tweet was also announced in the Grocery Gang server.

While Kazdam was under fire on Twitter, many more members of the myth community would visit the Roblox's Myths Containment Facility, where three or four servers existed with varying degrees of anarchy. One server had a multitude of high ranks and Task Force members guarding Block B, one server had only three members of Task Force, and another had a single executive, FoxBans (who was already opposed to Kazdam), and the Myth King statue was currently on fire.

In the Discord, executives attempted to calm the crowd who were making and reposting memes ridiculing Kazdam.

Throughout the course of the day, Roblox's Myths would quickly crumble. Many executives would leave, with the Heads of the Reception and Medical Departments retiring. As for combative departments, Security was left at a standstill, and Task Force was reportedly having a moral conflict. Every member of Foreign Relations was banned from the Discord after attempting to declare independence. Disapproving of Kazdam, Intelligence Director Creamofcrab split off from Roblox's Myths completely, creating their own myth hunting organization.

RM Developer Crowless, Mugen, and FoxBans joined forces to wreak havoc on the Roblox's Myths Discord and Roblox group. Crow logged into the RM bot and then ran a code that would cause devastation, demoting several users and then promoting random users to Supervisor and Council. The server would be destroyed with a script that replaced all the channels with Mugen's video. The script would create hundreds of channels all named #glory-to-flare-god. The Roblox's Myths Discord was restored to a previous version but was deemed insufficient by Anubiantic and Phill. As of 8/17/20, all of the Roblox's Myths games have been taken down and the Discord has been closed, with no channels being available.

Kazdam wrote an apology document that was later copied and refuted by Taphies. The tweet was later deleted by him being under heavy fire due to out of context screenshots, lying, and manipulation caught in the document.

Kazdam has confirmed that he has groomed 3 girls, abused his girlfriend, manipulating and lying to his audience and friends, being homophobic and transphobic, and defending pedophilia. Rumors of him retiring has been confirmed by one of his high ranks, but him being on the blacklist have been unconfirmed.

It is currently 8/17/20. The Roblox's Myth group's ranks have mostly been restored. Kazdam has reportedly withdrawn the group funds of the RM Foundation though this has not been confirmed.

Kazdam has formally retired. He has entrusted SenseiViny, a Developer, with the rank of Myth King.

RM continued to face heavy criticism over the fact that Kazdam is ranked "Honorary" in the RM Foundation, and that PapaBreadd, a developer for RM who has made homophobic comments and frequently defends Kazdam's actions, has not been held accountable.

A riot then took place in the RMTF.

Several reforms have been made in RM. The statue of Kazdam as well as much of his office has been cleaned out. A statement from the HRs about Kazdam has been sent out, in which the executives state that they do not condone his choices. A survey for public opinion about RM has been released, along with Flamingo cutting ties with Kazdam.

Please bare in mind that this has not happened once.


  • Kazdam has admitted to being SubjectPyro, MartinCult, and Ulifer.
  • Kazdam has confirmed that he is 22 years old and not 13 as many have speculated.
  • He takes admiration in History and the HBO television show "Game of Thrones".
  • Kazdam takes a lead antagonist role in the MUGEN game Burn Kazdam's Shade Shack
  • Roblox's Myths took inspiration from the SCP Foundation, which many of Kazdam's early myth genre forum posts were also themed after.
  • There are some rumors said that he is SethSmiIes. This has confirmed to be false as a joke that he made on his Twitter' account.

Myths that he is confirmed to be

  • SubjectPyro
  • MartinCult
  • Ulifer
  • Nims
  • Melvin
  • Chuck_Lloyd
  • Terroah
  • Hangman
  • Masqueraze
  • FatherGrimm
  • Nursery Myths
  • The Missing Dominus
  • The Black Room
  • Smile
  • Grimblox
  • Zeltrek
  • Noli(?)
  • Goldity(?)

Myths that he is not confirmed to be

  • SethSmiles